Coexist Comedy

Here’s a collection of good-natured (SFW) religious/atheist humor, via the Coexist Comedy tour: (Thanks to Ashley for the link!) [Read more...]

Irish Blasphemy Law Passes

Well, shit. Ireland passed the blasphemy law. What does this mean for Irish citizens? It means you can be convicted for trashing someone’s beliefs if you cause “outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion.” (Again, what is a “substantial number”? Who knows.) Paliban Daily offers up some frightening consequences, given that [Read More...]

A Few More Thoughts on Francis Collins

After writing my own thoughts on Francis Collins and his appointment to head the National Institutes of Health, I read this piece by Chris Wilson at Slate. Two excerpts stood out to me, addressing the concerns of many atheists: This formula [between the "unsolved" and the "unsolvable"] offers a convenient litmus test for where Collins [Read More...]

Ask Richard: A Tricky Situation about Infant Vaccinations

Richard, I think it’s great you’re doing an advice column for us skeptics. My question: My wife’s office has become a maternity ward. Of the 10 eligible women, 5 are pregnant. In the last couple of weeks, they have begun passing books around and talking about their plans for their newborns. Unfortunately, one of the [Read More...]

Bill O’Reilly Caught in Another Lie

I mentioned yesterday that the Air Force did not fly over the God and Country Festival in Idaho last week. Here’s Bill O’Reilly talking about that festival tonight (beginning at the 1:38 mark): “No specific religion at play” at that festival? Here’s what the director — the freaking director — of the festival had to [Read More...]