FFRF Responds to UU World Advertising Controversy

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ad in the Unitarian Universalists’ magazine UU World garnered several complaints. Business manager Scott Ullrich even issued an apology to the magazine’s readers. I have come to the conclusion that it was a mistake to run this particular ad. While the stated mission of the Freedom [Read More...]

Pro-Gay Billboards Cite Bible

There are some pro-gay billboards in Texas that are causing quite a stir… because they quote the Bible just as their opponents do: It’s all part of a campaign called Would Jesus Discriminate. Say what you will about the accuracy of the citations. It’s doing a great job of getting soundbytes from religious people: The [Read More...]

A Revised Pledge of Allegiance

Gotta say, I could totally get behind this version of the Pledge of Allegiance: Doesn’t that sound so much better?! (I love the reaction on the woman’s face…) (Thanks to Joe for the link!) [Read more...]

A Second Atheist Group at Ball State?

Lauren Rumpler at Ball State University is starting an atheist group there. “I noticed that there wasn’t a group for non-believers,” she said. “I feel like everyone should have a place to discuss their beliefs.” The group’s goals will be to talk about what other religions believe, why atheists’ beliefs differ and how to dispel [Read More...]

Hindu Prayers in Madhya Pradesh (India) Public Schools

They’re saying prayers in public schools! And religious people are mad. Mostly because this is in India and the prayer is “perceived as a Hindu chant.” “The schoolchildren in the state will have to recite the ‘bhojan mantra’ before their midday meals. This will come into force from Sep 5 – Teacher’s Day this year,” [Read More...]