David Hayward’s First Book is Out!

I post cartoons by David Hayward on this site all the time. He’s a wonderful critic of the church, though, make no mistake, he’s a proud Christian. He just released his first book, nakedpastor 101 and I encourage all of you to pick it up. You can buy it as an eBook or paperback right [Read More...]

An Atheist Argues We Need More Religion in the Public Schools

Now that the Pew Forum has said atheists know more about religion than the religious, atheist Michael Tracey — current editorial intern at The Nation and former adversary of Mike Huckabee — argues that we need more religion in public schools. My proposal: courses in world religions should be mandatory for all public school students, [Read More...]

A Foxhole Atheist’s Response to Fort Bragg

***Update***: Justin has started a website about the “Ft. Bragg Freedom Festival” — it includes a potential line-up of speakers. … There’s been an uproar lately about how an Evangelical Christian event took place at the military base at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The problem is that military leaders were using their positions to promote [Read More...]

The Effect of a Hug-An-Atheist Campaign

I recently mentioned that the Secular Coalition at Eastern Kentucky University — now the Secular Student Alliance at EKU — held a special event to draw attention to their group: Hug An Atheist Day. Somehow, this was controversial. The students chalked the campus with phrases like, “No God? No Problem” and “THOU SHALT NOT… Haha, [Read More...]

The Success of a ‘Stone-a-Heathen’ Fundraiser

(Hemant’s note: This is a guest post by Kelley Freeman. She’s a sophomore Art major/Russian minor at the University of South Carolina who can crochet like a fiend. She is currently the co-humanist outreach director for the Pastafarians at USC.) On September 30th, the Pastafarians at USC hosted our first huge fundraiser: Stone-A-Heathen. We partnered [Read More...]