Ask Richard: Chilean Atheist Considers Attending Catholic University

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hello, my name is Rolando, and I’m writing to you from Chile. This year I decided to study Sociology, but I have a problem. I was admitted in the best university of my country, but it is a Catholic University. In fact, its name is [Read More...]

Why Can’t Pastors Just Tell the Truth?

Rachel Held Evans urges pastors to tell their congregations the truth instead of hiding their true feelings: Tell us the truth when you don’t know the answers to our questions, and your humility will set the example as we seek them out together. Tell us the truth about your doubts, and we will feel safe [Read More...]

Retired Methodist Bishops Urge Church To Reconsider Stance on Homosexuality

A number of retired United Methodist bishops are urging the United Methodist Church to change its anti-gay stance and accept gay people as they are. To that end, they’ve signed a petition (PDF) that’s worth reading. Yes, it talks a lot about “God’s grace,” but even though I don’t support their religious views, it’s good [Read More...]

Billy Ray Cyrus Scared of Atheist Sign

Somewhere on the list of topics I rarely discuss on this site much is Hannah Montana. But that’s about to change now that singer Billy Ray Cyrus has told GQ about how his relationship to daughter Miley Cyrus has strained and how his life is falling apart. He should’ve seen it all coming: “Somewhere along [Read More...]

Talk to an Atheist Now!

Here’s a nice service for anyone who has sincere questions about atheism or how to get through the day without a god — a site called With one click… you can get started. Just give us some basic information, before you know it, you’ll be connected with an atheist that can answer any questions [Read More...]