Touchdown Jesus Is Being Rebuilt By the Same Firm That Built…

Remember how Touchdown Jesus burned down back in June? They’re rebuilding him, as expected. But the webcomic The City taught me something about the reconstruction efforts that I hadn’t known before…: Click through to the comic to see the punchline (Thanks to Daranda for the link!) [Read more...]

A Pro-Gay Shirt Controversy in Alabama Has a Happy Ending

Sara Couvillon, a sophomore at Hoover High School in Alabama, wore a shirt earlier this month that said, “gay? fine by me.” School officials told her to change out of “concern for her safety”… despite the fact that no one had made any threats. This week, the Southern Poverty Law Center sent the school a [Read More...]

Pastor Mike Stahl’s ‘National Atheist Registry’ Is Nothing New

Wait, another Christian leader of a fringe “church” in Florida did something that’s getting national attention? Something in that water… You’ve already heard this by now, but “Pastor Mike” Stahl posted on his now-privatized blog — a year ago — that all atheists ought to be placed on a registry to make it easier for [Read More...]

Is This Pastor Typing in Tongues…?

Most pastors who want to con you just say Jesus spoke to them. Pentecostal televangelist Juanita Bynum II is taking the crazy a step further… she’s apparently “typing in tongues” now: The Christian Post thinks this is newsworthy for some reason but they offer a bit more elaboration. Bynum’s people aren’t responding to queries about [Read More...]

Can We Throw a Couple Atheists in the Mix for This TV Show?

My former soul-owner Jim Henderson is developing a reality TV show called “Save Me!” It’s kind of like The Real World except all the people living in the house have different religious beliefs that they’re all very passionate about — and their goal is to convince everyone they’re right. We want true believers who will [Read More...]