Should Atheists Start Breeding Like Crazy?

We’re being outbred. Big time. Here’s a serious problem with that theory: today’s strongly religious people tend to have a relatively large number of children, whereas secularists increasingly have few, if they have them at all. If you believe in evolution (and what secularist doesn’t?), then you have to take this thoroughly naturalistic explanation for [Read More...]

Catholic School Censors Newspaper Article by Gay Teenager

High school senior Sean Simonson wrote an article about the difficulty of life as a gay teen for the student newspaper at Benilde-St. Margaret’s School in Minnesota. The piece was also published on the paper’s website… but after people started to comment on it, the administration couldn’t deal with it and removed the piece from [Read More...]

Thanksgiving Without God

The Salt Lake Tribune published an article about atheists celebrating Thanksgiving. It turns out — who knew? — that non-religious people can be thankful, too! West Valley City resident Ken Guthrie and his partner will be at his aunt’s house on Thanksgiving, sharing a table with his grandmother, siblings and cousins — a veritable holiday [Read More...]

Peter LaBarbera: Why Did a Gay Man Get Treated with Respect?!

***Update***: Dan Savage has responded to LaBarbera’s claims here. … Anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera is pissed off at my local public broadcasting station because it aired an interview with sex columnist Dan Savage and treated him like a human being: How dare they respect Dan?! He’s openly homosexual! I think Pete’s just jealous that Dan [Read More...]

The Extraordinary Claims Campaign Hits Canada

On Friday, the Centre for Inquiry Canada will launch the “Extraordinary Claims Campaign” featuring bus ads and in-person educational events: There’s a wonderfully broad spectrum of foolish beliefs on that list. But this is Canada, not the US, so I wonder how much traction it will get in the media… Still, it’s a campaign worthy [Read More...]