From the Mouths of Fundamentalist Christians

All text from the following video was taken directly from “online Christian fundamentalist forums.” And by that, I believe they’re referring to Fundies Say the Darndest Things. The actors definitely got the smugness down… The best bit begins at the 2:10 mark. (via sliptivity and Reddit) [Read more...]

My Spring Break Speaking Tour

Tomorrow, I’ll begin a week-long speaking tour in Indiana and California to talk about the book and atheism! If you can make it to any of these events, that would be fantastic. Here’s the basic info. Date: Monday, March 30 School: Indiana University — Bloomington Sponsoring group: Secular Alliance of IU Time/place: 7:30 p.m. in [Read More...]

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like

Flickr user jaynedemarco has some nifty artwork up on the site. The theme is: “This is what an atheist looks like.” Seth MacFarlane: Angelina Jolie: George Carlin: Several more of these images will be put up over the next few weeks. As for Jayne’s inspiration behind the art? … i feel i should mention that [Read More...]

Seattle Atheists Get Media

Seattle’s atheist bus ads will be going live beginning on Wednesday and there’s a nice little writeup about them in today’s Seattle Times: The Seattle ads are intended to give atheists a voice, provide a way for them to connect and to put a “positive face on atheism,” [Seattle Atheists president Paul] Case said. They [Read More...]

A Nice Way to Begin the Week

The best perk of writing a blog is that every now and then you feel relevant and useful. Myles in Mississippi sent along an email that I’m sure a lot of other atheists can relate to… the third paragraph is especially heartbreaking: Dear Mr. Mehta, My name is Myles and I am an atheist in [Read More...]