Cartoonists on the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

Kleine Zeitung, a newpaper in Austria, has some biting political cartoons discussing the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church: I’d love to see more cartoons like those in American newspapers. This is hardly provocative: (via Slate) [Read more...]

A Response to Concerned Believers

To all those religious people who tell us that atheists are offensive because we try to convince others our beliefs are more reasonable than theirs, or to the religious people who advise us to respect their beliefs simply because so many people hold them, or to the “progressive” religious people who tell us not to [Read More...]

CFI Blog Tilts at Windmills

by Jesse Galef – I’ll admit to being confused and disappointed by Michael De Dora Jr.’s post on the CFI blog last week entitled “The Problems with the Atheistic Approach to the World.” I’ve met Michael a couple of times and like him a lot, and I’ve found myself both agreeing and disagreeing with him [Read More...]

Catholic Church Penalizes Charity for Homeless because Leader Supports Gay Marriage

When someone tells you that, despite some of the recent problems in the Catholic Church, the Church is still a force for good, show them this article. It’s evidence of how their hatred of gay people, cloaked in “loving” religious beliefs, has caused them to take money away from a charity for the homeless… because [Read More...]

Northeast Florida Coalition of Reason Gets Atheist Billboard

Which area is getting the latest atheist billboard? Northeast Florida! That sign can now be seen in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Reaching out to the like minded isn’t the only goal of the effort. “We also want to let the general public know that those of us who don’t believe in a higher power live [Read More...]