Atheist Versus Agnostic

Lisa Faires and Brad Pritikin question why people use the word “agnostic” when they really mean “atheist.” The full comic might make your head hurt, but the conclusion seems to nail it. Some people are just too afraid of the word “atheist.” It’s nothing to be ashamed of! As Stephen Colbert says: Agnostics are just [Read More...]

How Accurate Are These Statistics?

Mike O. attended a conference session run by David Kinnaman, author of a really interesting book unChristian. Kinnaman is president of The Barna Group, a sort of Gallup polling group for the Christian world. He presented several statistics about non-Christians and where we get our perceptions of Christians: Where do young non-Christians get their perceptions [Read More...]

Religion in the Presidential Debates

How many times did Barack Obama and John McCain use the word “God” in the three Presidential debates? Zero. Not a single mention. Not even “God Bless America.” Just as it should be. We have real problems to solve in our country. That means we need real solutions. Prayer doesn’t cut it. God isn’t going [Read More...]

Can You Help Out This Reporter?

A New York-based magazine writer would like to speak to high-school aged atheists who have Creationist parents: We generally don’t hear much about this side of the story. I expect most kids just get along as they can until 18, and then flee. But the pressures facing these kids have to be extraordinary, and I’m [Read More...]

Atheists and Politics Don’t Mix

It’s nothing you haven’t already heard, but The New York Times is publishing an article tomorrow on the isolation of atheists in our political culture. Only one of the 535 members of Congress, Representative Pete Stark, Democrat of California, publicly identifies as a nontheist, according to the Secular Coalition of America, a lobbying group based [Read More...]