Ask Richard: “Spiritual” Experiences After Deconversion

Dear Richard, I have been seeking advice for a problem from several sources lately, and I would love your advice if you have the time to give it to me. I am struggling with a problem I have not heard spoken of directly. I would like to think that it falls under the category of [Read More...]

Columnist to Atheists: Stop Being Mean with Your Billboards

Regina Brett of The Cleveland Plain Dealer is very unhappy with the recent slate of atheists billboards. Don’t believe in God? Join the club. That holiday message is brought to you by your fellow atheists. Yes, the atheists are recruiting. … I checked out the ads that the Freedom from Religion Foundation posted on its [Read More...]

Rev. Cedric Miller Had a Foursome

You know how Rev. Cedric Miller demanded that members of his staff get off of Facebook so they could avoid temptation from people who were not their spouses? Then, you know how you heard he had threesomes with his wife and a male assistant in his church? It turns out it was a bit kinkier [Read More...]

Bill Nye’s Humanist of the Year Award Speech

The latest issue of The Humanist has excerpts of Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Humanist of the Year award speech. It’s a terrific read if you haven’t seen the video: The big unsatisfying thing for me is when you have a bumper sticker that says, “God said it, I believe it, and that settles it.” [Read More...]

Did Father Lose Custody of Children Because of his Agnosticism?

How depressing is this story…? An Anderson father says that because he professed religious doubt in a custody hearing, a judge took his children from him. Craig Scarberry, 29, this month was stripped of joint custody of his three children, Kaelyn, 7; William, 6, and Ayvah, 4, because he changed his religion from Christian to [Read More...]