Is the ‘How Not to Defend Atheism’ Jogger for Real?

True story: One of my work colleagues emailed me the following video, (jokingly) adding, “You’re doing it wrong.”

The video shows some crazy atheist barefoot jogger screaming at a preacher at UC Berkeley.

In the first minute alone, the unnamed atheist tells the preacher he should be going to prison and calls all religious people (a.k.a. “God-botherers”) anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynistic, and war criminals… before screaming “Atheism forever!” Later in the video, he yells, “Christians are responsible for slavery!”

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Muslim Terror Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Liked to Cavort With Prostitutes in Posh D.C. Hotels

The Koran warns followers of Allah that:

Islamic law prohibits sexual relations under the broad heading of zina (fornication). … [M]ale and female fornicators are to be flogged 100 times.

Those are the parts that the late terrorist (cheer)leader Anwar al-Awlaki didn’t bother reading, I guess. The FBI, in its investigation of al-Awlaki, tracked down a bevy of prostitutes who spent a little quality time with the man. The New York Post has the story, with a picture of al-Awlaki handling a big weapon, under a textbook tabloid headline: Qaeda Ho-ly roller: Terror cleric shot his load with DC prostitutes.

When he wasn’t preaching against America, terror-linked imam Anwar al-Awlaki was frequently hiring $400-an-hour hookers at posh DC hotels, newly released FBI documents reveal.

Awlaki, who delivered radical sermons at a mosque near Washington and ultimately met his end in a 2011 US drone strike in Yemen, paid thousands of dollars for at least seven hooker romps, according to interviews the prostitutes gave FBI agents.

He was apparently a little on the cheap side, too:

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University Researchers Say There Are Six Typologies of Non-Believers. Which One Are You?

Are you an Intellectual Atheist/Agnostic, or an Activist Atheist/Agnostic?

Do you identify as a Seeker Agnostic, or are you more of a Ritual Atheist/Agnostic?

Are you an Anti-theist or a Non-theist?

Researchers at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga have identified those typologies in an effort to create “a modest crack in the monolithic ‘religious none’ category,” as they put it.

What bothered Christopher Silver (who is active in the Chattanooga Freethought Association) and his research partner Thomas Coleman III, was that

…[p]revious research and studies focusing on the diverse landscape of belief in America have continually placed those who profess no belief in a God or gods into one unified category infamously known as the “religious nones”. This catch-all category presented anyone who identified as having “no religion” as a homogenous group in America today, lumping people who may believe in God with the many who don’t.

Hence, the six typologies. You can read here about how the researchers describe each group; based on the definitions, you should be able to figure out which typology fits you.

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Atheist Politician Speaks to Secular Students About the Need to Get Politically Active

Remember Arizona State Rep. Juan Mendez? He’s the 28-year-old atheist Democrat who delivered a secular invocation on the floor of the House (“I would like to ask that you not bow your heads…”), so enraging some of his colleagues that one of them delivered two Christian invocations the next day.

A couple of weeks ago, Mendez spoke at the Secular Student Alliance conference in Las Vegas. Video of his talk is now online:

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An Ex-Muslim’s Tale of Discovering Her Freedom

Marwa,” an ex-Muslim woman from Lebanon, moved to the United States a year ago. On her website, she’s written an incredible and emotional account of what that transition has been like:

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