Francis Collins: I Have Not Seen Evidence for Medical Miracles

National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins recently shared some words about his cancer-stricken friend Christopher Hitchens: Over these last few months, we have not talked directly about faith. He knows that I am praying for him. But my prayer is not so much for a supernatural intervention — as a physician I have not [Read More...]

What Do Christians Really Think About Their Pastors?

Christian David Hayward has an idea of what people actually think about when they’re in church. Let’s say he’s right. (I think he is.) One of the biggest problems with the Christian church — that I’ve seen from the outside looking in — is that there are too many people who think their pastor speaks [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Surrounded by a Trio of Reproachful Believers

Dear Richard, I am now an ‘almost’ recovered former evangelical Christian. I say ‘almost’ because I am not really 100% certain that my former beliefs aren’t true but I see no evidence for them. Anyway now my wife is not happy with me and my mother wrote me a scathing letter full of Bible scriptures [Read More...]

Competing Billboards in Oklahoma

Remember this billboard that the Freedom From Religion Foundation recently put up in Oklahoma? The billboard reads “Atheism is OK in Oklahoma,” but members of the group Freedom From Religion say that’s not always the case and that’s why they chose to pay for the sign. “We want to let people know they’re not alone. [Read More...]

Give the Holy Books a Resting Place

Why burn the Koran or desecrate the Bible when you can bury them with good reason? Right now, the pages swell with moisture, the fibers separate and the chapters turn into pulpy masses. Bacteria bloom and their colonies expand; fungi flourish and their hyphae infiltrate and convert cellulose into spores. The ink runs as nematodes [Read More...]