All You Need Is Love Campaign

Deanna Joy Lyons has a wonderful way to take the money you plan to spend on Valentine’s Day gifts — typically a way to “show your love” for one person — and turn it into a way to show your love for a whole class of GLBT victims. Instead of wasting that money on one [Read More...]

Australian Atheists Sent to Detention Room During Religion Class

It’s not like most American public schools are all that impressive, but Australian schools get it wrong when it comes to their mandatory religious training one hour per week — put on by Christians who get tens of millions of dollars each year. You can read more about that here. There are many things wrong [Read More...]

Christian Non-Profit Leader Confesses to Being Homophobic

A few weeks ago, I posted an interview with Brad White, the founder of the Texas-based non-profit group “Changing the Face of Christianity.” Brad said a lot of cringe-inducing things about gay marriage and you all let him have it. I did, too. He was pretty upset with the response because he really did believe [Read More...]

I Should Start a Clothing Line

I gave a talk at Purdue University last weekend and there was a nice story about it in the Exponent. Thought the first line got all of my attention…: Fashioning a polo shirt that complemented his witty humor, an atheist high school math teacher recounted how he won his tussle with an influential right-wing group. [Read More...]

Atheist Prime Minister Blamed for Australian Cyclone

While the midwest is experiencing a massive snowstorm (or, as it’s known in Chicago, Snowprah Windfrey), the northeast coast of Australia was hit by a cyclone. With winds howling at up to 185 miles per hour, a huge cyclone made landfall in the predawn hours on Thursday along the coast of the already storm-battered state [Read More...]