Christian Store Ends ‘Read with Discernment’ Program

LifeWay Christian Stores has decided to get rid of its ridiculous “Read with Discernment” program, in which certain books were marked with stickers encouraging people to “read cautiously.” I posted about this program a couple years ago. Since most of it is still relevant, I wanted to repost it here (with a couple edits to [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Lone Muslim in Atheist Family Trying to Censor Their Discussions

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Dear Richard, Compared to the letters you normally answer, my problem is very small. The thing is, it’s progressively getting worse and I want to nip it now rather than let it grow into something more column-worthy! The problem is my sister. Most of my [Read More...]

How Important is the Darwin Day House Resolution?

I got a stack of emails yesterday referencing how wonderful it is that House Resolution 81 was introduced in Congress: Representative Pete Stark (D-CA) just introduced H. Res. 81 to Congress, expressing support for designation of February 12, 2011, as Darwin Day. This resolution is a culmination of collaboration between Representative Stark, 2008 Humanist of [Read More...]

Is ‘Female’ An Offensive Term?

I stop focusing on this site for a week and all hell breaks loose in the blogosphere — sexism, feminism, who said what, whether something was interpreted as intended — I haven’t kept up with much of it myself. But this video came to my attention, so I’ll just put it out there. Some background: [Read More...]

When the Pastor Drives a Cadillac

There’s a (very, very) long anti-Scientology article by Lawrence Wright in the latest New Yorker that deserves a skimming. I won’t go into detail here — but I think several of you have experienced something similar to Paul Haggis in this passage: [Haggis] was born in 1953, and grew up in London, Ontario, a manufacturing [Read More...]