Texas Republican Legislator: We Need More God and Ten Commandments Displays in Public Schools

Texas state Rep. Phil Stephenson knows his priorities:

Economy? Nah.

Ending the wars? Forget it.

Jesus? Of course!

Stephenson filed a resolution on Monday that would push God and the Ten Commandments into the state’s public schools: [Read more…]

@Pontifex Leaves Twitter Behind

When the Vatican established Pope Benedict XVI’s Twitter account as @Pontifex (rather than @BennyRatz or something more Ratzinger-specific) I thought it was a smart move. Individual popes come and go, but the office remains, and it remains relevant to his millions of followers, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. I envisioned a Twitter feed that would pass from pontiff to pontiff until some other networking tool inevitably pushed his tweets off the Internet’s collective radar.

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Mr. Deity… and Dave Silverman

Just as American Atheists’ Dave Silverman works on a strategy session with Lucy, Mr. (O’)Deity comes along and interrupts[Read more…]

Forget Hell

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

Appeals Court Rules That a City Can Put Up a Nativity Scene on Government Property but Reject an Atheist Display

Last (War on) Christmas, in response to a government-sponsored nativity scene in the center of town, the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up a sign of their own in Warren, Michigan:

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