How Not To Announce a Women’s Conference…

Well, it’s a conference for Christian women, so I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised… but this is the way Liberty Counsel told people to register for a women’s conference: Please share this announcement with the women you know… Hey Girlfriend! Paint your toe nails, grab your journal, and get ready to attend the women’s event [Read More…]

Harry Potter Character Explains Common Sense

All I’ve ever needed to know I learned from Hermione Granger. [Read more…]

Challenging Religious Privilege in the Military

What’s it like to be in the military? Not easy. But it’s much worse if you’re an atheist who has to deal with the constant proselytizing from your superiors. Mikey Weinstein, of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, has been fighting battles against high-ranking religious officials in the military for years. In the fundraising video below, [Read More…]

TV Show Looking for Atheist Parents… but There’s a Catch

I can’t vouch for this show but the press release was sent my way and it sounds interesting. They’re looking for atheist parents (who presumably raise their kids without god)… who have siblings with kids they’re raising religiously. Basically, they want to document parents who are closely-related but raise their kids in polar opposite ways. [Read More…]

A Christian Tries Explaining the Concept of Sin

(Click image to enlarge) (via The Atheist Pig) [Read more…]