How Sane is Your Website?

It’s not a Jessica Hagy work, but the Venn diagram does make a good point: The never-ending CAPS LOCK comments usually do it for me. CAPS with Bible verses are even scarier. Bible verses alone? Not scary. Plenty of atheist blogs quote the Bible. How do you know you’re looking at a website you wont [Read More...]

The Best Church of God… No, Really

Now here’s a church I could get on board with. A number of people, religious and not, have already attended services. Just to give you a preview: It’s located directly above Chicago’s Second City comedy haven… From the Chicago Sun-Times article by Mike Thomas: … the interactive and sometimes hyperactive Best Church ( isn’t your [Read More...]

Atheist Children

From lol god: Yep… the pastor’s reaction is pretty much how we atheists feel when a religious couple says they have a “Christian” or “Catholic” child. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. The children are not yet old enough to know what they are. It’s a point that Richard Dawkins makes very clear in [Read More...]

A Child’s Questions

In a piece for Freethought Today, Barbara G. Walker writes about how, as a child, she began noticing the problems with religious faith. She posed some tough questions to her friend Patsy: When I was a child, my Catholic friend Patsy told me that her parents were paying a priest for special prayers to get [Read More...]


Now this is a shirt that would draw some stares… [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]