True Love Waits… and Waits… and Waits

After a day filled with serious posts about abstinence, I thoroughly enjoyed this article from LarkNews:

You can read the whole thing here.

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The Con Academy

So this is where all those psychics get their advanced degrees from…

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National Ask An Atheist Day This Thursday

A couple of years ago on National Ask An Atheist Day, a high school student’s mother was so offended that atheists were answering questions during lunch periods that she removed her kids from school that day… because nothing scares religious parents more than the thought of kids getting their questions about faith answered by people who aren’t going to feed them the standard church lines.

The annual event, taking place this Thursday, is great for giving atheists the opportunity to dispel stereotypes and answer honest questions without being combative or defensive — a scary thought for anyone who thrives on spreading rumors about who we are or what we believe:

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Dammit, I Want to Go To Wellesley Now

Seen on Wellesley College’s Facebook page:

Awesome :)

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Catholic Church Plots Dialogue with Mexican Nonbelievers

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, the Church’s “goodwill ambassador to secular non-believers,” has big plans for dialogues between Catholics and non-Catholics in early May. He’s bringing his “Courtyard of the Gentiles” on the road for its first-ever Latin American experience at universities in Monterrey, Puebla, and Mexico City.

The “Courtyard of the Gentiles” is the name Pope Benedict XVI gave to Ravasi’s dialogue sessions, planned as a tool of outreach aimed at atheists and agnostics. In this particular case, the topic up for discussion will be the problem of drug trafficking in Mexico, and the somewhat sticky problem of traffickers’ devout professions of faith. Atheists are used to being asked whether one can be good without God, but how can some people be so bad with God? These sessions will take a look at that question.

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