A More Honest COEXIST Poster

After my rant about the misguided Christian COEXIST poster, the folks at Truth-Saves made one that’s much more realistic (click on the image for a larger version): I appreciate the addition at the very end [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Had a Fantastic Quarter

How did the Foundation Beyond Belief members do during the 3rd Quarter of 2011? *Amazingly* well: We raised a total of $31,240 for our ten beneficiaries and even “funded a full four-year college scholarship for a Guatemalan high school scholar currently in the [Roots & Wings International] program”! We’re about to hit $200,000 in cumulative [Read More...]

The FFRF’s Controversial ‘Fool Me Once’ Billboard Campaign

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just began a new billboard campaign in Oakland, California that’s bound to upset devout Christians. They pull no punches and go right after delusional thinking — specifically the kind that leads you to believe Jesus is coming back one day. Check out these new signs: They’re also bringing back one [Read More...]

The Rapture’s Coming Today: a Song

As you undoubtedly know, the end of the world is coming on October 21st… at least according to Pastor Harold Camping. The Burrowing Owls wrote a song all about it Catchy little tune, no? [Read more...]

A Couple Updates on the American Cancer Society Fiasco

No, the American Cancer Society still hasn’t come to its senses. They still refuse to recognize an atheist National Team. But at least the story is getting picked up by more media sources… The Young Turks covered it yesterday and they don’t hold back at all: Also, I taped an interview with Jon Grayson of [Read More...]