Pope Francis Reaches Out To the ‘Nones’: Can We Be The Pope’s Allies?

In a recent audience, where he met with dignitaries from other Christian communities, Pope Francis had a few words to say about ecumenism — a dialogue between different denominations or religious groups in search of common ground.

His speech for the occasion included shout-outs to Jews, Muslims, non-Catholic Christians, and — surprisingly — “those men and women who, although not identifying themselves as followers of any religious tradition, are nonetheless searching for truth, goodness, and beauty.”

The media latched on to those words with interest, proclaiming the pontiff’s intention to create new alliances between the Catholic Church and the “nones.” Was Francis really calling on the irreligious (including the spiritual-but-not-religious as well as Humanists) to “work with believers to build peace and protect the environment”?

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Atheists Chime in on Alcoholics Anonymous

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Atheist Character on ‘Cougar Town’ Pretends to Pray to Show Girlfriend He Cares

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A Brief Summary of History Channel’s ‘The Bible’… Continued

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Edward Tarte Observes the Easter Season, Past and Present

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