There’s Nothing Wrong with Having Atheist ‘Leaders’

Leah Libresco (who’s now on Patheos!) adds her thoughts to the “chaplain controversy.” She answers the question of whether a Humanist group should have a leader or whether that makes us too “church-y”: An egalitarian community can still have people specialize and take on leadership roles. Anarchy is not the only way to respect the [Read More...]

CruciFiction 2

Who knew popular atheist vloggers were now collaborating? And working on scripts?! Thunderf00t and religiousantagonist did just that and I’m told more vlogger mixing is forthcoming. The premise: Jesus is back and he wants your attention! I love the lines at the 2:20 mark At least they can go to lunch at Chick-fil-A? [Read more...]

You’ll Want to Salute Megan Hurwitt After Watching This Video

There’s a new Foxhole Atheist — Megan Hurwitt — and the video of her induction into the Texas Army National Guard is something I’m not used to seeing: Justin Griffith offers this transcript: “I, your name.” I, Megan Hurwitt. “Do solemnly swear.” Do solemnly affirm.*pause* “To support and defend” To support and defend “The Constitution [Read More...]

Is There Room for More Critical Thinking in Math Education?

At the 2011 Secular Student Alliance conference, I gave a talk about the need for more critical thinking in math education. The video of the talk is finally available so I wanted to share that with you. (Plus, I’m at a math conference this weekend and it seemed like the perfect time to post it.) [Read More...]

Let’s Hope the Rapture Isn’t Happening…

Because if Jesus comes back, he’s gonna be pissed… (Animation is NSFW) (via riojabaja419) [Read more...]