Ask Richard: My Father Nags Me to Go to Church

Dear Richard, I am a 20 year old student living with my father. He’s a Christian, with very firm beliefs. Recently, he’s been pushing me to join a church. He believes that joining a church would be extremely beneficial to me. However, he doesn’t know I’m agnostic, except for my sister, no one in my [Read More...]

If You Don’t Agree with That, Are You Still Religious?

It’s a good question: how much of your religion’s actions do you have to disavow before you feel comfortable just walking away from the whole damn thing altogether? What aspects of your faith did you eschew before you finally stepped away from it for good? (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]

Former Catholics, New Baptists

Since everyone is leaving the Catholic Church, Pastor Deacon Fred is happy to report that attendance at Landover Baptist Church is rising dramatically: According to Ticketmaster™, Landover Baptist church services in all four sanctuaries are completely booked through 2017 (even some Platinum Level Tithers are reportedly scalping their tickets for $3,000 a pop!) and there [Read More...]

Butler vs. Duke?

I’m curious how many atheists are as into March Madness as I am… who do you think will win? Who’s Winning the Game Tonight?online surveys [Read more...]

The Holy Ghost Hokey Pokey

If someone had shown this to me when I was younger, I would’ve become a Christian *immediately*. And by Christian, I mean atheist. Or anti-theist. Or whatever else is as far away from Christianity as possible. I mean, seriously, what the hell was that? And who among the Christians is letting this happen? And who [Read More...]