The Good Book Released Today

Released today is a new book atheists may enjoy. It’s called Good Book: The Bizarre, Hilarious, Disturbing, Marvelous, and Inspiring Things I Learned When I Read Every Single Word of the Bible by David Plotz. A couple years ago, Slate columnist Plotz blogged the Bible — reading it front-to-back and writing about his findings. He’s [Read More...]

They Know Why Atheists Reject Christianity

Christian apologist Frank Turek relates the story of his apologist friend David. David was giving a presentation “refuting” the New Atheists last week. After it was over, a young man came up to him to discuss the talk: “I once was a Christian, but now I’m an agnostic, and I don’t think you should be [Read More...]

I Get It. Your Penises Are Large.

I don’t know why else Sagemont Church officials would decide to erect a 170-foot cross in Houston, Texas. That’s taller than the Statue of Liberty. Some asked why the church made it so big. [Pastor John] Morgan said the bigger the better. “The purpose is for people to know how special they are to God,” [Read More...]

What is the Future of Atheism?

Paul Spinrad, a guestblogger at Boing Boing, writes about the future of atheism. To begin with, he thinks the militancy of some atheists backfires and is counter-productive to their own goals. With religion, I think atheists have the same dissonance going on. If they really think the world would be better off without religion, they [Read More...]

I Sold My Soul on the School Bus

Good evening, Ron Gold here: I finally got around to reading Hemant’s book, I Sold My Soul on eBay (a good read, you can buy it on the sidebar). Even though Hemant didn’t actually sell his soul, only his attendance in different churches, the book has still inspired me to share the story of when [Read More...]