Dunk or No Dunk?

Let’s say you and your partner are thinking about your future babies. Neither of you are religious and you don’t care about baptism. It’s just some irrelevant ritual. But you figure both your parents would want a child to get baptised. What do you do? Reader Ray doesn’t mind letting the parents just go ahead [Read More...]

The Nonexistence Theorem

God is logically impossible. I get it now: (via Pablo Moroe) [Read more...]

Quick Updates

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing the president and many others over making the National Day of Prayer a federal holiday. Here is the actual complaint (PDF). The national proclamation issued this year asked God’s blessings on our country and called for Americans to observe the day with appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities. Wisconsin [Read More...]

Giant Evolution Timelines (and More!) Are Now Available

I mentioned Kate Miller‘s fabulous website Charlie’s Playhouse earlier in the week. The site is now fully functional and ready to take your orders! Already, Kate’s getting some great reviews: I bought the Giant Timeline for my grandkids… I just want to tell you that my grandkids love the Timeline and after playing a few [Read More...]

What Emails Are You Getting?

Here’s a new meme for you: Categorize the 20 most recent emails in your inbox. Spam doesn’t count. What do they say about you? For me at this moment: 5 exchanges with site readers 3 questions/comments from site readers 2 from the Secular Coalition for America 1 from the Barack Obama campaign 1 receipt from [Read More...]