An Inspiring Video About Space

dogmaticCURE is back with a new inspiring video, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, about the history of space exploration: Makes you want to look out into a telescope, doesn’t it? [Read more…]

A Catholic Accuses Atheists of ‘Magical Thinking’… Seriously

Remember the atheist billboard about slavery? Recently, one Catholic tried to look for a rebuttal showing that the Bible wasn’t really pro-slavery. Not having any luck, the person wrote to Mark Shea of the National Catholic Register for advice. Shea responded with the following… and it’s a doozy: I think that atheists like your friend [Read More…]

Inspiration Comes From All Places

It might sound stupid, but this blog post came about because I saw The Lorax yesterday with my kids. I am fortunate enough to have a job that allows me to work from home, which in turn allows me to homeschool my kids. We began homeschooling this past fall because there was a bullying issue at our [Read More…]

‘Smut for Smut’ Campaign Returns to Texas Campus

Last week, the Atheist Agenda campus group at the University of Texas at San Antonio ran their now-annual “Smut for Smut” campaign, in which holy books could be exchanged for hard-core pornography. “The point is not to hand out porn, but rather the primary purpose is to get people to come talk to us so [Read More…]

Last Chance to Support an Atheist Photography Project

As I mentioned before, photographer Chris Johnson is working on a project that features 100 atheists (myself included) talking about what gives them joy and meaning in this life: Each portrait will be paired with a short message from the subject about some aspect of joy, meaning or passion in life. It could focus on [Read More…]