Replacing the Bible in Hotel Rooms With ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

If you’re staying at the Damson Dene Hotel in the Lake District of England, and you open the bedside table, you won’t be finding the Bible there.  What will you see? Yes, the lady-porn that has been sweeping the nation is going to be in every hotel room! Here’s what hotel-owner Jonathan Denby has to [Read More…]

Oakland Zoo Agrees to Remove Unnecessary Ten Commandments Monument

That’s a monument of the Ten Commandments. I would have no problem if that monument was up at a local church. But what was it doing at the Oakland Zoo? That’s what Joey Piscitelli wanted to know when he wrote a letter to zoo officials back in May: My name is Joey Piscitelli, and I [Read More…]

‘Out of the Closet’ Billboard Campaign Begins in Spokane, Washington

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s “Out of the Closet” billboard campaign — in which real, local atheists appear on the ads — is now up in Spokane, Washington! These are the seven billboards going up this week as part of a month-long campaign: “The nonreligious are at least a quarter, 25% of the Washington adult [Read More…]

If the Internet Said So, It Must Be True

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

If Chick-fil-A Wants to Act Biblically, Then At Least Go All the Way

Last post about Chick-fil-A, I swear… (until the next time its owner says/does something crazy.) Jackson Pearce made this amusing video which raises a few points we’re not hearing in other places: (Thanks to Daniel for the link!) [Read more…]