When Atheist Absolutism Should Take a Back Seat

My friend Todd Stiefel read Karen Armstrong‘s piece about religion as well as Sam Harris‘ reply and Armstrong’s response to that. He has a response of his own that I’d like to share. The last paragraph, especially, is well worth reading: Karen Armstrong’s reply highlights an important issue for the freethought movement. Do we come [Read More...]

The G(od) Spot?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how the G-spot “doesn’t appear to exist” in women, but one line in this BBC article about the recent study seems to be referring to something else… … [researcher] Andrea Burri was concerned that women who feared they lacked a G-spot might feel inadequate, which she says [Read More...]

Brainwashing Children with Virgins and Honey

Here’s a disturbing way to start your day. Recently, in Pakistan, a suicide bomber training facility was discovered. Inside, children ages 12 to 18 were trained to become martyrs for the Islamic faith. This picture, which was on one of the walls of the facility, shows a river full of milk and honey as well [Read More...]

Anti-atheist Article Published Again in Campus Newspaper

***Update***: Lucy Gubbins, the president of the Alliance of Happy Atheists, had a response to Richards’ article published in the same newspaper today: Wading through such journalistic gems as “idiots” and “dipshits” (in reference to atheists), I was unimpressed and bored by this “flamebait” of an article, which served no purpose but to present the [Read More...]

Travel Grant Deadline Approaching

If you’re a member of the Secular Student Alliance, you’re eligible for a $100 travel grant for our upcoming NorCal Regional Leadership Summit on the campus of Stanford University. All the details are here, but act soon because the deadline is next week! [Read more...]