An Atheist’s Thanksgiving Dinner Grace

Secular Coalition for America president Herb Silverman offers an example of a secular grace that you can use during dinner tonight: Let us take a moment to think about where the food we are about to enjoy has come from and to acknowledge those who worked to bring us this food. Let us appreciate the [Read More...]

If You’re Doing Some Online Shopping…

Just a quick note: If you’re planning to do any online shopping at Amazon over the next few weeks, please consider using this link to get you to the site. If you do, a portion of your total purchase will come back to this site. Thanks! [Read more...]

Saying Grace at Thanksgiving

Saturday Night Live cut this sketch about the Thanksgivies (“Honoring Outstanding Performance in Ruining Thanksgiving”) after dress rehearsal last weekend, but Andy Samberg‘s bit at the 1:30 mark is probably familiar to a lot of you… (Sorry, non-Americans who can’t use Hulu!) [Read more...]

Vaccinate the Kids, Please

Well put, Toothpaste for Dinner: Elyse at Skepchick has been doing a lot of awesome things to promote vaccinations with her Women Thinking Free Foundation. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go to the Hug Me! I’m Vaccinated website for evidence-based information about vaccination. [Read more...]

What Was It Like at Liberty University?

Kevin Roose, the author of the fantastic book The Unlikely Disciple, spoke at the recent Secular Student Alliance Columbia Leadership Summit in South Carolina. His talk was about his time as an undercover student at Liberty University, what he learned there, what he proposes for the future of theist/atheist collaboration: I’m so sad I couldn’t [Read More...]