Polyamory is Wrong

JulietEcho has written a couple widely-read pieces about polyamory. But I have to break it to her: polyamory is wrong: Good to get that off my chest. Laurie Higgins would be proud. (Thanks to Ungullible for the link!) [Read more...]

Metaphorical Truth

by Jesse Galef – If a story didn’t happen, can it still be useful? I first started thinking about this question in college after taking a Hebrew Bible course with professor Bart Ehrman.  Evidence points to most of the Bible being historically inaccurate. As Ehrman presented argument after argument for why the stories in the Bible [Read More...]

How Did the Atheists Fare on a Canadian Game Show?

Remember how the Canadian atheists were going to do battle on a TV show, in an IQ test, against nerds, believers, politicians, twins, and athletes? It aired. Atheists took 3rd. Believers took 4th. And the Nerds won. (Ok, so that wasn’t really a huge surprise…) Lindsay gives us a few of the other highlights: The [Read More...]

Indiana Christians Oppose Legislation That Would Help Children

Indiana Rep. Vanessa Summers (D-Indianapolis) is the chair of the Family, Children and Human Affairs Committee. Recently, she introduced a sensible piece of legislation. It has to do with child-care facilities in religious places — churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. At the moment, none of them need licenses to operate and anyone can be a caregiver. [Read More...]

A Carl Sagan Mosaic

Crispian Jago‘s work is absolutely beautiful: Science is a mosaic. Good science from disparate fields seems to conveniently converge to help us gradually gain a clearer overall view of our universe and make valid predictions based on that knowledge. No one joined this rich mosaic of scientists together more sublimely and eloquently and passionately communicated [Read More...]