***Update***: Edits have been made to this piece since the original posting. … This has nothing to do with atheism; it’s just really cool. While at the American Humanist Association conference, I saw my friend Leyan Lo, who is a Rubik’s Cube world champion. (He taught me how to solve it… I can do it [Read More...]

Another Great Speech Against the Greensboro City Council Invocations

I’ve written a couple posts about Mayor Bill Knight of Greensboro, North Carolina and his decision to have prayers before city council meetings. Students from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics have already spoken out against this absurd rule. Another group pushing for the mayor to reverse his decision is the Greensboro Atheists [Read More...]

Just Revealed: The Cover of Sam Harris’ New Book

The cover for Sam Harris‘ new book has just been revealed: Nice. Plain. Powerful. If this were a Christian book, we’d see Harris’ face right there on the cover… In any case, it’s better than the Christopher Hitchens yellow-themed books, I say. The Moral Landscape will be published October 5th. [Read more...]

Religious People in Toronto Don’t Have to Pay Parking Tickets

If you received a parking ticket in Toronto, it’s not a problem if you’re religious. All you have to do is get a note from your pastor and you don’t have to pay the fine. That’s one of the revelations discovered when the Toronto city council “voted to release the holy grail of how-tos: the [Read More...]

Teachers Who Sprayed Holy Water on Atheist Colleague Return To the Classroom

A couple weeks ago, a bizarre story hit the media — something about how two teachers sprayed an atheist teacher with holy water in the classroom. I’ve read countless stories about this case and still don’t have a clear understanding of what happened — just a few somewhat-similar accounts that don’t make any sense. In [Read More...]