Ask Richard: Hard to Talk to an Overbearing Christian Dad

Hi Richard, I was baptized Catholic, my parents converted to Born-Again Christian when I was in 6th grade, and for quite a while after that I tried very hard to believe what they taught me and be a good little Christian girl. I’m now 26, and for the last few years, though I absolutely do [Read More...]

In Defense of the Atheist Label

by Jesse Galef – Should we organize around the word “atheist”?  Yesterday I wrote about my disagreement with Michael De Dora Jr.’s “The Problems with the Atheistic Approach to the World” – only to have him publish a response to criticism a couple hours before my post was scheduled to go up.  In his new [Read More...]

Sinéad O’Connor Was Right

Nearly twenty years ago, Sinéad O’Connor was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and sang a song called “War.” While the original Bob Marley song talked about racism, O’Connor changed the lyric to “child abuse.” At the end of the song, unbeknownst to the SNL people, she held up a picture of Pope John [Read More...]

Cartoonists on the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

Kleine Zeitung, a newpaper in Austria, has some biting political cartoons discussing the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church: I’d love to see more cartoons like those in American newspapers. This is hardly provocative: (via Slate) [Read more...]

A Response to Concerned Believers

To all those religious people who tell us that atheists are offensive because we try to convince others our beliefs are more reasonable than theirs, or to the religious people who advise us to respect their beliefs simply because so many people hold them, or to the “progressive” religious people who tell us not to [Read More...]