Sam Harris’ Speaking Tour for The Moral Landscape

Sam Harris is making a lot of stops on the coasts this fall during his upcoming book tour for The Moral Landscape. (I see nothing in Chicago. *sniff* I see how it is, Sam. I’ll take the hint.) One of his stops, though, will be an event for my Center for Inquiry DC friends on [Read More...]

We’re So Close!

I posted about the Secular Student Alliance fundraiser a few days ago and said that my goal was to beat Jen McCreight — she raised $2859 with her blogathon. Well, we’re almost there! One additional person gave $100 outside of ChipIn, so we’re at $2602.02 as I write this. SO CLOSE! There are awesome prizes [Read More...]

Message to Brother Jed: Atheists Love All!

You all remember notorious campus preacher Brother Jed, the victim of The Boot Protest, and his colleague Sister Cindy: (Sister Cindy has nothing to do with this posting… I just love that image.) Anyway, Jed showed up at the University of Kansas on the first day of classes. Sounds like a crappy way to begin [Read More...]

An Atheist is Running for Congress in Virginia!

You may have heard of Randy Forbes. He’s the Republican representative from Virginia’s 4th Congressional District. And he’s a notorious opponent of church/state separation. He founded the Congressional Prayer Caucus. He introduced legislation to reaffirming “In God We Trust” as our National Motto. He also wanted “In God We Trust” put on the Capitol Visitor [Read More...]

Party with Me in Minneapolis Tonight?

I know it’s short notice, but I’ll be in Minneapolis tonight and a bunch of awesome atheists are getting together for dinner. If any readers want to come, you’re welcome to join us I’m considering it my last vacation of the summer. I’ve already been back at school for two days, going to meetings and [Read More...]