Let’s Help These Vandalized Churches

In Bend, Oregon, two churches — Westside Church and Christian Life Center — had graffiti painted on them reading “Praise the FSM” (Flying Spaghetti Monster): When Pastor John Bluebaugh of Christian Life Center got the news Monday morning, his first thought was, “Not again.” “Really, what went through my mind was, about six months we [Read More...]

A Message for the Tolerant Christians

An important lesson for moderate Christians from Dan Savage: In summary: If you’re tired of being lumped in with the anti-gay, anti-science, fundamentalist Christians, don’t complain to us. Complain to the leaders of the Christian right who are dragging you down with them. Complain to your pastors. Lead the charge and don’t be quiet about [Read More...]

Updated: Who’s Coming to Rick Perry’s Pray-a-Thon?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has invited all 49 other governors to join him for a massive, worthless pray-in. Who’s in and who’s out? Out: California’s Governor Jerry Brown. Florida’s Governor Rick Scott. (Though he “will declare Aug. 6 a day of prayer” in his state.) Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal. Indiana’s Governor Mitch Daniels (due to [Read More...]

Christian Network Tells TV Host: Do Not Criticize Christians We Like

I’ll be the first to admit I watch those Christian TV shows that always seem to pop up when nothing else is on — there’s no better form of entertainment. One of my favorites is Jack van Impe because he talks about current events while spouting out every Bible verse he can think of that [Read More...]

Australian Atheists Refused Billboard Space

The Atheist Foundation of Australia wanted to put up this billboard in most states to encourage atheists to mark “No Religion” on the 2011 census (thereby taking some federal money away from religious groups): They paid Billboards Australia a deposit and signed a contract. The company is now backtracking, saying they won’t put up the [Read More...]