Why We Need to Teach Evolution

Olivia Judson has a simple but effective op-ed in The New York Times about why evolution must be taught in Biology classes (and not Intelligent Design/Creationism): In these arguments [of evolution versus ID/Creationism], evolution is treated as an abstract subject that deals with the age of the earth or how fish first flopped onto land. [Read More...]

These Things May Go Together…

First, a picture of churches in North Carolina: We found this mildly interesting — a row of three churches, all the same denomination (Baptist), in western North Carolina. The congregation continued to grow over a period where a larger church was needed, and the old one kept operating until the new one was completed. The [Read More...]

How Are Various Religious Groups Voting?

The Barna Group just released their latest survey about how various religious and non-religious people will be voting. Only Evangelical Christians swing John McCain‘s way and even they’re dropping like flies. The current number of 61% of them voting for McCain used to be at 78%. Among self-identified Evangelicals, McCain’s lead is within the ±3.2% [Read More...]

Use Your Gravatar

Hi all. You can now use Gravatars on this site when you make a comment. If that last sentence made no sense, here’s a detailed explanation of what they are and how you can get one. They’re not necessary, but we would be able to catch a glimpse of what you look like! [Read more...]

Militant Atheists Dislike “Spore”

When Will Wright (an atheist himself) created the game Spore, he thought he’d be on the receiving end of wrath from the religious. That makes sense since the game simulates evolution: Spore could well be the most complicated model ever constructed in the name of interactive entertainment: not for nothing was it originally known as [Read More...]