Why Does Religious Literacy Matter in Secular Families?

Even if you’re raising your kids without religion, you may have wondered whether or not you should teach your kids about religion. Is it worth filling their heads with mythology when we know there’s no truth behind it? Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers, suggests four reasons why you should teach [Read More...]

Why is Comcast Referring to Ben Stein as the “Smartest”?

As a Comcast customer only because I have no other choice in my area, I’m used to their shitty customer service. But when you see the following, it’s clear they’re not even trying to improve… Here’s a promo for “Comcast Digital Cable with On Demand and HBO.” The headline: The Best and the Smartest. The [Read More...]

Chiropractors Start Reversing Course

Simon Singh‘s case again the British Chiropractic Association is already having ripple effects in the pseudoscientific world: McTimoney Chiropractic Association is warning its members that they could be under special scrutiny: If you have a website, take it down NOW. REMOVE all the blue MCA patient information leaflets, or any patient information leaflets of your [Read More...]

The End of Islamic Theocracy?

Fareed Zakaria suggests that we are witnessing the fall of Islamic theocracy in Iran right now: CNN: As you’ve seen the situation in Iran develop over the last week, what are your thoughts? Fareed Zakaria: One of the first things that strikes me is we are watching the fall of Islamic theocracy. CNN: Do you [Read More...]

Worst Dad Ever?

Here’s an interesting question to pose on Father’s Day: Was the God of the Bible the worst dad ever? He ordered one of his sons to murder his grandson, only telling him it was a joke at the last second. … Yahweh also plays the meanest game of hide and seek ever, hiding from his [Read More...]