Which States Ban Atheists from Holding Public Office?

Looks like the Cecil Bothwell case is getting quite a bit of national attention. Bothwell is the newly-elected Asheville, North Carolina city councilperson… who also happens to be an atheist. Some of the attention has been good… One man from Brooklyn, N.Y., sent him a $50 campaign donation. And he’s just sold 19 copies online [Read More...]

FOXNews Asks Whether Atheist Councilperson Should Step Down

Cecil Bothwell is the newly-elected city councilperson from Asheville, North Carolina. Because of an archaic law in the NC books, atheists aren’t allowed to hold public office in the state, even though this is completely illegal and wouldn’t hold up in court. FOXNews Channel wants to know what you think: At the moment, the “No” [Read More...]

Beautiful Tim Minchin Song on Christmas

by Jesse Galef – Tim Minchin’s name is associated with snark and humor to me. When I saw he had a song about Christmas, I expected more of the same. But I was thrown off-balance by this heartwarming song. There are still plenty of critical references to religion, but they’re not the focus – it’s [Read More...]

Atheist Holiday Traditions

I would *so* love to see this special: That and several other “atheist holiday traditions” can be found at Brian McFadden‘s Big Fat Whale. Is there anything not on Brian’s list that you do with your family over the holidays? I’m assuming, of course, that everyone builds snowmen versions of Richard Dawkins… (via Heaving Dead [Read More...]

Pete Stark Mentions the Lord to Ron Paul

Pete Stark (D-CA) is the only openly non-theistic congressperson. I sometimes wonder how much his colleagues know about his non-theism. Is it something they ever talk about? Joke about? As far as I can tell, Stark barely mentions it… The congressional newspaper The Hill recently published an exchange Stark had with Ron Paul (R-TX). They [Read More...]