The Candidates for Governor of Illinois and Their Views on Evolution

It’s a simple question with a simple answer: Do you accept the theory of evolution? Please explain. The correct answer: Of course I accept evolution, just as every thinking person should. The scientific evidence points to evolution as the best explanation for all the diversity of life on Earth and there is no credible alternative. [Read More...]

The Liberian Manimal Scam

Chris Blattman is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and Economics at Yale. His research takes him to other parts of the world, including Liberia. That’s where he heard a very strange story back in August… In Liberia, the guys at our local partner and survey organization swear that the best hunters have the power [Read More...]

A 2010 Wish List for Religions

R. Joseph Hoffmann has a 2010 wish list for various religious faiths: It is time for a list of things religions must give up, forswear, abandon and forever repudiate in order to be what they want to be–or say they do: mechanisms of peace, justice, compassion and love of humanity. A few excerpts… For Christians: [Read More...]

The Fall of Religious Marriage?

There’s an article in The Canberra Times (in Australia) about how there were fewer marriages this year — and it’s in part because of the connection to religion. Civil celebrant Judy Aulich conducted 96, or more than 6 per cent, of Canberra marriages this year. She said most couples she married had lived together beforehand [Read More...]

Atheist Party in Chicago

Since the weather is so wonderful outside, we decided to have a little atheist get-together near Chicago! I’ll be there. So will Blag Hag and Godless Girl! (It sounds like a convention for superheroes…) You *know* you want to join us. Here are the details: Date: Saturday, January 2nd Time: 7:00 p.m. Where: Palos Hills [Read More...]