The Pope Did What?!

In December of 2009, Bishops Raymond Field and Eamonn Walsh resigned from their positions. They didn’t molest little children themselves, but they never pursued allegations of sexual abuse. So they were complicit in the Catholic Church sex scandal Anyway, they’re gone, so good riddance, right? “Following the presentation of their resignations to Pope Benedict, it [Read More...]

We End Up in the Same Spot

Atheists know this already, but it might not be as clear cut for a lot of Christians. At least David Hayward understands the obvious: Beyond the grave, though, our ideas diverge. David’s a Christian and he adds: I know what happens after that is where the guns start firing. And, for the record, I don’t [Read More...]

North Dakota’s Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment is Bad News

Apparently, all it takes for a crack at privileging religion is 25,688 individual signatures. The North Dakota Family Alliance is working toward that magic number in order to get the Religious Liberty Restoration Amendment before North Dakota voters this November. If passed, this amendment to the state constitution raises the burden a governmental entity must [Read More...]

The AFTAH Anti-Gay-Rights Academy: From the Perspective of Two Who Attended, Day 3 of 3

Two months ago, I posted that Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was holding a “Truth Academy” in order to train the next generation of anti-gay-rights activists. Attendees needed to pay a registration fee and get a “recommendation” from a pastor. I wrote that I would gladly pay the fee for anyone who wanted to go. [Read More...]

A Pastor (Seriously) Thanks the New Atheists

On August 1st in Oklahoma City, Pastor Michael Dowd — the author of Thank God for Evolution — delivered a sermon thanking the New Atheists… and he wasn’t being sarcastic about it. Hell, check out the scripture readings for the day: You don’t see that everyday… You can read the full sermon here (PDF): The [Read More...]