Secular Coalition for Pennsylvania Announces New Co-Chair

Following the quick resignation from Justin Vacula due to outside pressure, the Secular Coalition for Pennsylvania has found a new co-director to join Brian Fields. [Read more…]

New Police Chief Thinks Prayer Will Lower Crime Rates

Crime is gonna go down in Winnipeg! Know how I know that? [Read more…]

2012 Harvard Humanists of the Year: The Founders of OkCupid

The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard is taking a different turn with their choices for the annual Humanist of the Year award. [Read more…]

Baptism for the Dead: A Book by Libbie Hawker

X drew in a breath and I knew he was about to break the silence, but I needed to make it clear to him first, this whole fiasco, my life. My stomach was tender and tenuous around the hollow of my exhaustion. I dropped words I had sworn I’d never say like little uncertain gifts into X’s hands. [Read more…]

The Seduction of Shortcuts to Wisdom

December 21 is fast approaching, and as you probably know, it’s not just the winter solstice, it’s also the “Mayan calendar thing.” According to some popular books and at least one movie, on that day we are all going to be killed in a global cataclysm. Because I do performances about science for children, and [Read More…]