13% of Science Teachers Are Creationists

You want some depressing news about the American education system? (Is there any other kind?) Here you go: The majority of high school biology teachers don’t take a solid stance on evolution with their students, mostly to avoid conflicts, and fewer than 30 percent of teachers take an adamant pro-evolutionary stance on the topic, a [Read More...]

Belmont University Pretends to Be More Inclusive

Belmont University’s women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe was fired from her job a couple months ago after she told her team she was expecting a child with her same-sex partner. It’s the sort of anti-gay bigotry we’ve all come to expect from the Christian world. But the backlash against school officials has been overwhelming. Earlier [Read More...]

It’s Missing a Scarlet A…

Over at Reddit, postguy2 created a new icon for atheism: Hmph. That man looks nothing like me. I’m deeply offended. [Read more...]

A Few New Atheist Posters

Rose Schwartz at The Jewmanist has been making some sweet-looking posters of notable quotations along with their atheist authors. A few examples are below: Faith is the surrender of the mind; it’s the surrender of reason, it’s the surrender of the only thing that makes us different from other mammals. It’s our need to believe, [Read More...]

Announcing the Secular Coalition for Alabama

Only a few months after announcing the creation of the Secular Coalition for Arizona, the Secular Coalition for America is announcing its next state chapter: “The Secular Coalition for Alabama is needed now to increase the visibility of secular people, promote fact-based education to prepare our children for a complex world, protect the civil rights [Read More...]