Liveblogging FFRF on The Daily Show

Alright, I’m jealous that Dan Barker has met Jason Jones. They’re mocking FFRF. But it’s pretty damn funny. Dan Barker comes off looking intelligent and level-headed and reasonable about what they are trying to accomplish and what they reasonably can accomplish. Ooh… Barker now comes off attacking Mother Teresa. Which is tough to do without [Read More...]

FFRF on The Daily Show Tonight?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s Dan Barker may make a brief appearance on tonight’s episode of The Daily Show. Segments change depending on the news so it’s not a done deal, but keep an eye out for it tonight. The question I don’t know the answer to: Why will he be on there…? Any theories? [Read more...]

Atheists Help the Homeless (#10)

Joe Zamecki and fellow atheists in Austin, Texas have been helping the homeless several times over the past year — yesterday was their 10th such giveaway: I love it when they do this. It’s a helpful, easy-to-do program that any group can copy. If you want to help them continue with this project, feel free [Read More...]

Send Me to Church… Again

Yesterday, I was at a church (Willow Chicago) to talk with the pastor on stage about what Christians can learn from outsiders about how Jesus-followers and churches appear to the rest of us. The talk was brief but it went well, I thought. And the people who stopped me afterwards were sweet and genuine with [Read More...]

Skepchicamp Recap (with Physics!)

Saturday was Skepchicamp and it was awesome. Props to Skepchick Elyse and the entire planning committee for a wonderful job: What exactly happened at this event? 75 skeptics crowded into a Chicago pub to listen to a bunch of short talks dealing with everything from superstitions in the world of opera to how even rational [Read More...]