Saving Bristol

Comedian Doug Stanhope (also a proud atheist) is raising money… (If you’re not sure you want to hear the end of that sentence, you’re probably right.) The money — $25,000 — would go to Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin‘s underage daughter, so that she can pay for an abortion and begin a new life away from [Read More...]

Help a Texas Atheist

A reader sent me the following email: I didn’t know if this was the best way to contact you, but I have a question: Now that my family is out of our house because of Hurricane Ike and our living on the government and the kindness of strangers, do you know of any good secular [Read More...]

No Hitter?

Carlos Zambrano of the Chicago Cubs has a no-hitter going through 8… ***Update***: 8 1/3 ***Update***: 8 2/3… one more out to go… ***Update***: HE DID IT!!! AHHHH! [Read more...]

Is Your Atheist Paraphernalia in Storage?

On the bottom of a massive bookshelf in my bedroom, I have a shelf full of atheist bumper stickers, Darwin Fishes, atheist organizations’ brochures, an OUT campaign pin, Jesus dolls that were given to me as gifts, etc. In my closet, I have 83423 shirts dealing with Jesus/atheism/God in humorous or outspoken ways. How many [Read More...]

The Rice Makes You Think

Stan’s Café in the United Kingdom runs a project called “Of All The People In All The World.” It’s a show featuring piles of rice, each grain representing exactly one person. Like in this picture: That rice is grouped into the number of adherents of different faiths in Birmingham, England. Before you click on the [Read More...]