KKK Group Wanting to Adopt-a-Highway is Rejected

There’s an update to the story I posted earlier about a KKK group wanting to Adopt-a-Highway in Georgia… They’ve been denied: The Georgia Department of Transportation will not approve the application of a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan to “adopt” a one-mile stretch of highway in North Georgia, a state official said Tuesday. [Read More…]

Gay, Mormon, and Married (To a Woman)

I am rarely at a loss for words.  I have opinions on things.  It’s part of my charm (or so I try to convince people). I have been staring at this blank page for literally 20 minutes trying to organize my thoughts.  I just am really having trouble wrapping my head around this article I [Read More…]

After An Administrator Stopped High School Students From Supporting LGBT Classmates, One Girl Took Action

At Hardin County High School in Tennessee, a student wearing a shirt saying “Lesbian and Proud” was told to turn her shirt inside-out by Assistant Principal Ryan Miller because the school’s dress code “prohibit[ed] students from ‘advertising’ or ‘promoting’ sex.” Then he threatened to suspend her if she didn’t follow orders. When students, in response, [Read More…]

Should the KKK Be Allowed to Adopt a Highway?

***Update***: The KKK group’s application has been rejected by GDOT. … A KKK chapter — yep, they still exist — in Union County, Georgia wants to do something that’s actually pretty honorable: Adopt-A-Highway: The application, which would allow the white supremacy group to receive state recognition for cleaning up a one-mile portion of a highway, [Read More…]

A Christian Urges Atheists To Not Make it Harder for Her Side To Support the LGBT Community

This is a guest post by Alise Wright. You can connect with her at her blog, on Twitter, or on Facebook. … On Sunday afternoon, Hemant posted a challenge to progressive Christians to retweet a comment saying that they don’t think that homosexuality is a sin and that they support gay marriage. I have been [Read More…]