Christian Group Gives Aid to Haitians, but Leader Wants Something in Return

One question that atheists often get asked is: Why don’t you support Christian missionaries who help so many people in poverty-stricken countries? It’s certainly wonderful that they have the ability and generosity to do the good work — I wish atheists had more of both — but there’s a reason we don’t like the way [Read More...]

Atheist (Sincerely) Thanks Ray Comfort

Ziztur claimed one of Ray Comfort‘s food gift certificates and has a sincere thank-you post about it. Ray and I completely disagree with each other theologically, and I am against a lot of the things he stands for. We’ve obviously come to completely different conclusions about the nature of morality and how the universe operates. [Read More...]

Contest to Share Your Secular Story

Chris Stedman is running a contest at his website NonProphet Status in which he’s looking for (previously unpublished) personal stories from a secular perspective. The secular stories that do get broadcast are most often volatile –- secular people taking swipes at religious people –- and reflect a divisive “us versus them” mentality. What gets told [Read More...]

Shocker: Sean Hannity Gets It Wrong

I was there. Sean Hannity wasn’t. So why is he acting like he knows what happened at the Secular Coalition for America’s briefing with Obama Administration officials? Hannity: The Obama administration earlier today rolled out the red carpet for a coalition of atheist groups. Now, among the individuals in attendance was Michael Newdow. That’s the [Read More...]

Who’s Attacking Whom…?

Oh no! Christians are attacking atheists! Or maybe it’s fundamentalist Christians attacking liberal Christians. Or maybe it’s church elders attacking the doubting youth. Or maybe it’s aggressive atheists attacking appeasing atheists. Or maybe… Oh, who knows. In any case, it seems like the wrong person is getting attacked. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]