Spreading Atheism via Twitter

An article at Religion News Service by S.J. Velasquez discussing how atheists are getting our message out via Twitter: Social networking sites and microblog hosts like Twitter are drawing atheists and agnostics out of seclusion and giving them a platform on which they can discuss and debate their religious beliefs — or lack thereof — [Read More...]

Aftermath of the Iowa Atheist Bus Ads

The Iowa Atheist Bus Campaign went up, down, and back up again. What did we learn from all this? For one, the ads are great for business. It helps the advertising companies: Since [the Iowa ads went back up], DART has received at least five calls from potential new advertisers, said Kirsten Baer-Harding, DART advertising [Read More...]

I’m Going to Dance

I don’t dance. Ever. It’s for your benefit. But my cousin is getting married in a few weeks and a few of us family friends decided we should do an Indian dance for her. Actually, they decided to do it and said I had to join them or else. The dance is now choreographed. It [Read More...]

Should You Hide the Truth About Santa Claus?

A reader (K) recently had a conversation in which Santa Claus came up. K said that Santa Claus wasn’t real. It wasn’t a big deal or anything at the time, but she worries about what would’ve happened if other parents were around, heard it, and complained. What if their children were present? K writes: My [Read More...]

Cutest. Babies. Ever. Nom Nom Nom.

I asked for pictures of you as babies dressed in costumes and you delivered! Reader Lorry‘s daughter never needs another pair of clothing. Just wear this nonstop and all will be right with the world: This costume worked for BlagHag Jen as a child, and I will petition for a revival this Halloween: I don’t [Read More...]