How “Letting Go of God” is Truly a One-Woman Show

Julia Sweeney explains why the label “one-woman show” is a perfect way to describe Letting Go of God. Unlike her previous projects which had corporate backers and some creative input from other people, her show about atheism is hers all the way — right down to shipping the CDs and DVDs to Amazon warehouses. I [Read More...]

Should a Public School Principal Approach Churches for Financial Help?

David McCalla, the principal of (public) Albany High School in New York, wanted to purchase SMART Boards for all the classrooms in his building. (For those who don’t know what SMART Boards are, I use them in my math classrooms every day and *trust* me when I say they’re amazing. I’d be lost without them.) [Read More...]

Ask Richard: When is Religion at Work Acceptable or Improper?

Note: I have edited and paraphrased these two letters to protect the privacy of the writers, whose jobs might be jeopardized. I indicate where I have completely summarized with italics and parentheses. However, I have made every effort to preserve both the essence and the intentions of what was said. Dear Richard, I work for [Read More...]

Seattle Atheists Get Display in Olympia, Washington

This year, no religious or atheistic displays will be allowed inside the Olympia, Washington capitol building… but displays are allowed on the grounds outside the building. Including this one from Seattle Atheists: In this holiday season, let us remember that kindness, charity and goodwill transcend belief, creed or religion. Assuming the child is part of [Read More...]

Which States Ban Atheists from Holding Public Office?

Looks like the Cecil Bothwell case is getting quite a bit of national attention. Bothwell is the newly-elected Asheville, North Carolina city councilperson… who also happens to be an atheist. Some of the attention has been good… One man from Brooklyn, N.Y., sent him a $50 campaign donation. And he’s just sold 19 copies online [Read More...]