Science and Faith in the Black Community

Howard University recently hosted a panel of atheists to discuss the topic of “Science and Faith in the Black Community” — certainly a topic that needs far more attention that it has received in the past. The event was sponsored by the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science and the panelists included Richard Dawkins, [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Looking for Role Models, Mentors and Heroes

Note: Letter writers’ names are changed to protect their privacy. Hi Richard, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer these kinds of questions for people, it’s awesome to have this kind of resource. You’re kind of a mentor/role model figure who is accessible to a lot of people in the context of atheism, [Read More...]

A Christian Speaks Out Against the ‘Family’ Research Council

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins recently wrote an On Faith post titled, “Christian compassion requires the truth about harms of homosexuality”: The media has recently been filled with reports of several recent suicides by teenagers who are reported to have been victims of “anti-gay” bullying. Some homosexual activist groups lay blame at the feet [Read More...]

Congrats, Jen!

Jen McCreight appears in the latest issue of More magazine as part of the “New Feminists” spread: There’s a very Jen-like self-description, too: “Grad student; liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist (all her words)” Congratulations to her It’s a well-deserved accolade after all the Boobquake frenzy. If you see the magazine at a bookstore or [Read More...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Chooses Replacement Beneficiary

After the Soulforce debacle, Foundation Beyond Belief has a new beneficiary in our Human Rights category: We are pleased to announce that MARRIAGE EQUALITY USA has been selected as our new beneficiary in the Human Rights category for 4th quarter 2010. MEUSA is a U.S. national organization dedicated to securing the legal recognition of same-sex [Read More...]