Just Say Yes to Bullying?

Why would conservative Christian groups in North Carolina be against a bill that would “require more detailed school policies about bullying” at school, protecting students from abuse and school violence? Take a wild guess. Yep… because gay students would be protected under this bill as well. And we can’t have that now, can we…? Mark [Read More...]

Click and Help!

This site exists because I’m able to pay for hosting services and other minor expenses. (There’s hopefully a major site update coming in the near future.) As the site gets more popular, the costs go up. I could use your help in a small way — which doesn’t involves direct donations. If you’re ever purchasing [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #32: Atheist Motivational Posters Redux

Last week, I ran this contest: It was so successful last time, it’s time to try it again: Create a motivational poster for atheists! Here is the website that allows you to do it. Send your final products to . Here are the Top 10 posters (with submitters) — Click on the images for larger [Read More...]

“Untouchable” Boy Killed Over a Poem

For anyone who doesn’t believe that religion leads to violence, a boy at the bottom of India’s caste system (considered a Dalit, or “untouchable”) was killed by those higher up on the social status ladder. What was his crime? He wrote a love poem to a girl in a higher caste. Surjit Singh was beaten [Read More...]

Hating God

Atheists often get told that we hate God. Which is funny, because that’s like saying we hate unicorns and Bigfoot and Zeus. But we can (feel free to substitute a less emotionally-charged word here) hate the concept of God. We can hate what it does to people. As one girl writes: I hate the concept [Read More...]