Ken Ham: If You Criticize the Creation Museum for Not Teaching Science, You’re Just Intolerant Against Christians

Attendance is declining at the Creation Museum, they’re having trouble raising the funds to build Ark Encounter (the Noah’s Ark Theme Park), and to top it off, they’re getting hammered on their science from actual museums in the area.

And now, they’re installing zip lines, too:

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What Larry Alex Taunton Learned from Atheists Isn’t the Least Bit Surprising

Larry Alex Taunton is the executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation, a Christian organization that seeks “innovative ways to defend and proclaim the Gospel.” In his own words, he considers atheism “historically naive and potentially dangerous.”

Taunton recently conducted interviews with several college students who led their campus atheist groups and, while his research isn’t scientific in the least, he claims that he learned some very surprising things about why they became atheists. The results may be surprising to him, but certainly not to anyone who has given the subject any thought. In fact, Taunton provides us with no new insight.

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Bryan Fischer: What Holds an Atom’s Nucleus Together? Jesus.

Someone give this man a Nobel Prize:

Strong Nuclear Force my ass. It’s always been Jesus just keeping those protons together against their will. In every atom. In the entire universe.

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Congressman Wants Government to Express Support for Prayer at School Board Meetings

Prayer is allowed at school board meetings just as it’s allowed in school. As long as the prayers are private, not disruptive, and done before the formal meeting, no one’s going to stop Christians from talking to their God.

But Congressman Tim Walberg (R-MI) wants the government to show its support to Christian prayers that take place during school board meetings. He just proposed House Resolution 250 (PDF) and his argument is essentially that Congress has invocations, so school boards should get to have them, too:

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Christian Minister Who Claimed Atheists Didn’t Help Victims of Oklahoma Tornado Apologizes… Kind Of

A few days ago, I posted about Minister David Brassfield of the Newalla Church of Christ in Oklahoma. Brassfield had given members of his church a handout proclaiming that no atheists were helping victims of the recent tornado… even though we know several atheist groups and individuals have done just that, with their money and their time.

Well, according to Kai Tancredi at Red Dirt Report, Brassfield is about to do what no one expected. Confronted with evidence of just how wrong he was, he’s issuing an apology to his church members this weekend… kind of:

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