You Don’t Get To Wear Your “Under God” Button at Work

Here’s another example of a Christian trying to break the rules at work and saying he’s allowed to do so because he and God are on the same side. It’s the same excuse used by evangelical teachers in public schools who feel the need to preach in the classroom. Neither person deserves to keep their [Read More...]

Scientology Spokesperson Can’t Admit His Own Beliefs

How embarrassed do you have to be about your religious beliefs that when someone simply questions what they are, you refuse to answer? That’s what happened when Nightline‘s Martin Bashir questioned Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis about the whole Xenu thing (at the 3:40 mark): At least Davis has the good sense to not admit to [Read More...]

The Japanese Version of the Atheist Bus Campaign?

I learned something new today. Take the atheist bus campaign slogan: “There’s probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” If you translate it into Japanese, and then back into English, and then back into Japanese, and then back into English, and then back into Japanese, and then back into English, and then [Read More...]

Those Offensive Atheist Billboards

I’ve said it before: Even if the billboards just said the word “ATHEISM,” religious nuts would get upset. It’s a no-win situation if atheists are trying to make peace with certain Christians. But the ads evoke outrage in some areas. The ads get media coverage. All of it helps let other atheists know they’re not [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins’ Next Book

Richard Dawkins has been hinting for a while that his next book will be aimed at a younger crowd. We finally have more details about what that book will look like. Due out in autumn 2011, What is a Rainbow, Really? will take on topics including who the first man and first woman were, why [Read More...]