Introducing the New Secular Student Alliance Chair

I mentioned last week that I was stepping down from my position as chair of the Secular Student Alliance board of directors. I’ll remain on the board, but with a lot of other things happening in my life, something had to give. The new chair is Joe Foley, a doctoral candidate in genetics at Stanford [Read More...]

What Would You Include in a Secular “Baptism” Ceremony?

I received an email from a father on behalf of his wife and 14-month-old daughter. They never baptized their baby and the grandparents are not too happy: … I find the idea of something as innocent as a baby needing to be cleansed and purified of the sins of her (non-existent) ancient ancestors through an [Read More...]

Lakeland City Council Finds Loophole to Allow for Religious Invocations

In Florida, the Lakeland City Council members can’t get enough prayer. They invite predominantly Christian people to deliver invocations and they see nothing wrong with this. The Atheists of Florida filed a lawsuit (PDF) telling them to stop. They even suggested a compromise: Don’t pray, but we’ll accept a moment of silence. What did the [Read More...]

A Scary Combination?

Jessica Hagy combines Adult Attention with Danger for Kids and the result is…: I know most people who served mass did so without incident, but it’s still amazing to me how anyone could defend the actions of the Catholic Church. This issue hasn’t been in the news lately, their pedophile coverup shouldn’t be forgotten anytime [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Should I Come Out to My Parents? Letter 2 of 2

When young people consider coming out as an atheist to their parents, they usually face two main challenges. One is the financial and physical dependence on their parents they may still have, and the other is their unfinished process of differentiation from their parents, where they still feel an obligation to please them and an [Read More...]