Sponsor an Atheist Santa!

A few atheists from Minnesota are taking part in the 3rd Annual Santa Run to benefit Mid Minnesota Legal Assistance this Saturday. The money raised goes to benefit low income and disabled Minnesotans’ access to civil law assistance. You can help them out by donating here. Do you know other atheists banding together to raise [Read More...]

The Secular Coalition for America’s Year-End Report

The Secular Coalition for America has put out its annual year-end report. It’s a useful overview in case anyone asks what sorts of issues non-religious care to lobby about — notice that all of them are not specific to atheists. They ought to be supported by anyone who believes in a separation of church and [Read More...]

Campus Crusade for Christ Now Targets Preschoolers

The question is whether you think this is real or satire: After the success of an ambitious pilot program, Campus Crusade for Christ International is shifting all future evangelism efforts away from college students and to pre-school children. “Within five years we’ll be out of college ministry entirely,” says CCCI president Steve Douglass. “Campus pre-school [Read More...]

Is This Atheist Sign Going to Help?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is putting a display of its own alongside religious symbols in the state Capitol building in Olympia, Washington: The foundation’s co-president, Dan Barker, said it was important for atheists to offer their viewpoint alongside the overtly religious Nativity scene and Christmas-style holiday tree. “Our members want equal time,” Barker said. [Read More...]

American Atheists Sues the State of Kentucky

***Update***: Here’s a PDF of the lawsuit. … By now, you’ve heard this absurd story. Kentucky’s first line of defense against terrorism is God. Specifically, Homeland Security is ordered to publicize God’s benevolent protection in its reports, and it must post a plaque at the entrance to the state Emergency Operations Center with an 88-word [Read More...]