10 Books About Atheism You’ll Want for Christmas

Yeah, you don’t technically celebrate Christmas, but that won’t stop you from asking for presents or buying something for yourself. Here’s are some of my recommendations for atheist books you’ll want this holiday season. (And by that, I mean I want them this holiday season.) Some of them have been around for a while, some [Read More...]

Words I Cannot Say Properly

Apparently, I’ve been saying several words incorrectly my entire life without realizing it. It took a group of my sophomore Geometry students to finally point this out to me… and now they won’t allow me to proceed with class unless I correct myself. For example: Picture. I say “pitcher.” They say “Pick-chur.” Figure. I say [Read More...]

Walmart Price FAIL

The question is: Will a Christian actually buy one now?: Also, how come Satan is naked while Jesus gets a t-shirt…? (Thanks to Rose for the link!) [Read more...]

Are Atheists Morally Superior to Religious Fundamentalists?

Neece at Heaving Dead Cats offers 10 reasons why atheists are morally superior to religious fundamentalists: No god tells me to hate gay people, so I have no reason to hate them. In fact I think if gay people love each other and want to get married, more power to them. Why should we stop [Read More...]

How Can Atheists Win the War on Christmas?

Joe M. has an answer to that question: Don’t bother playing the game. Also remember that the person that wishes you a “Happy Holiday” has no way of knowing if you are christian, jewish, muslim, or atheist and is honestly just wishing you well for the season. Take that as the kindness that it is. [Read More...]