Fundamentalist Christian Parents Are Now Torturing Their Kids By Not Taking Them Off Life Support

We’ve seen plenty of examples in America of faith-healing parents who refuse to take their children to the hospital because they think their prayers will fix the problems instead. It’s awful, it’s unthinkable that these parents don’t trust science in this day and age, but it still happens. Somehow, doctors in the UK just found [Read More…]

Why Internet Atheists Are Like Crazy Straws…

We have the Redditors… and the bloggers… and the vloggers… can’t forget the feminists and the misogynists… and the FtB-ers, who are subdivided into… My head hurts. (via XKCD) [Read more…]

God is a Demanding Coach

(via god and son) [Read more…]

When Should You Ignore a Proselytizing Teacher?

The excellent education writer Dana Goldstein wrote a review of a new book about a journalist who spent time at John H. Reagan High School in Austin, Texas — a “failing” school. The book is called Saving the School: The True Story of a Principal, a Teacher, a Coach, a Bunch of Kids and a [Read More…]

This Will Go Over Well with Tim Tebow’s Christian Fan Club

From GQ‘s September cover story on Tim Tebow: (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more…]