nakedpastor: Practice Baptisms

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‘When Was the Last Time You Met a Black Atheist?’

Director Angela Tucker has been putting out a video series called “Black Folk Don’t…” which offers a funny, serious, honest look at black perspectives on a variety of often-stereotypical issues. Black Folk Don’t: Swim. Black Folk Don’t: Have Eating disorders. Black Folk Don’t: Go to Therapy. And, as of today, Black Folk Don’t: Do Atheism: [Read More…]

Billboard Promoting Atheist Baseball Game Goes Up in Minnesota

Last week, I posted about how the Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists are promoting their groups by sponsoring a minor league baseball team for a day. They’re turning the St. Paul Saints into the Mr. Paul Aints. Now, there’s a billboard up promoting the event (and the Minnesota Regional Atheist Conference): Love the tag line: [Read More…]

This Just In: The Boy Scouts of America Still Hates Gay People

***Update***: Jason Torpy has a follow-up post here. … The Boy Scouts have every right to ban gay people (and atheists) from their group. But that doesn’t mean it’s what they should be doing. Here’s everything you need to know: After a confidential two-year review, the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday emphatically reaffirmed its [Read More…]

David Niose’s Nonbeliever Nation is Available Today!

David Niose, the author of the just-released-today book Nonbeliever Nation, gets some love in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette: In his new book, “Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans,” Mr. Niose explores the rising challenge of secular Americans — including humanists, agnostics, atheists and lapsed Christians — to the dominance of evangelical groups. … [Read More…]