Atheists Take Over The Sims 3

Damn. The SimHemant in The Sims 3 is one studly mofo: Jen also made SimPZ and SimRichardDawkins… and we’re all living in a house together… and she gets to watch each of us shower (with naughty parts blurred out). You know, if you want to see me in the shower that badly, you should just [Read More...]

Dan Savage on Coming Out to Your Evangelical Family

Dan Savage, Savage Love columnist, is offering advice on when/how gay people should come out to their evangelical Christian families. Reader Paul adds, “I think you’ll find the parallels to atheism to be pretty clear.” (Thanks to Paul for the link!) [Read more...]

A Bible-Based Marriage

Ohh… so this is what traditional marriage is supposed to be like: An arranged marriage doesn’t sound so bad now… (via Greta Christina’s Blog) [Read more...]

What Can You Do To Promote Atheism?

Crystal Dervetski of the Minnesota Atheists has a terrific writeup of what anyone can do to promote atheism. She goes in depth in her article, but here’s a brief excerpt: First, be positive! There’s nothing worse than a negative atheist, mostly because that is exactly the atheist stereotype: doom and gloom, mean-spirited, angry with the [Read More...]

Our Place in the Universe…

Pale blue dot? More like pale blue blob… (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — Thanks to Zombie Girl for the link!) [Read more...]