My Weekend at the Secular Student Alliance Conference

I’m finally back home (and rested) from the annual Secular Student Alliance conference in Ohio. I’ve been involved with the organization for several years and this was by far the best conference our staff has put together. A few thoughts on why it worked — and other thoughts about the weekend — are below… The [Read More...]

Salman Rushdie Will Write His Memoirs

Whenever Salman Rushdie‘s memoir comes out, I’m going to stop whatever I’m doing to read it. “I just thought it might be time to tell that story,” Rushdie said. “I always for a long time didn’t want to tell it. First of all I was in it and that was not likeable. Then I got [Read More...]

Baby Cake with Feet

Normally, I’m all for baby cakes. But this one is a bit creepy… Oh, wait! I get it. It’s Upside-Down (Baby) Cake. In that case, someone cut me a slice. (Thanks to Elyse for the link!) [Read more...]

Dogs of Glory

If someone would pitch this song by Jim Steager to a megachurch, I’m pretty sure they’d go along with it. It’s not like churches pay attention to lyrics, anyway… that’s how they end up with bland, boring songs that mention Jesus 32845492 times. (Thanks to Todd for the link!) [Read more...]

Ask Richard: An Atheist From a Different World

Note: I responded to this letter by email, offering the kind of caution and encouragement that I usually give to young people who are in very vulnerable positions. The advice itself is not remarkable; what you might expect for this situation. I decided to publish it to raise awareness about atheists in developing countries, where [Read More...]