Atheist Group Picture

Last week, I spoke to the Secular Students Association at Elmhurst College in Illinois. Before the evening ended, we took the obligatory amusing group photo. This one includes students of a few other faiths, too, but they had a great sense of humor about it: Do any other student groups take semi-sacrilegious photos? If you [Read More...]

The Secular Right

Here’s an interesting new blog — one for atheists who are right-wing, center-right, and libertarian: We believe that conservative principles and policies need not be grounded in a specific set of supernatural claims. Rather, conservatism serves the ends of “Human Flourishing,” what the Greeks termed Eudaimonia. Secular conservatism takes the empirical world for what it [Read More...]

I Don’t Acknowledge Your Marriage

Tom Ackerman at Religious Dispatches no longer recognizes marriage: Yesterday I called a woman’s spouse her boyfriend. She says, correcting me, “He’s my husband,” “Oh,” I say, “I no longer recognize marriage.” The impact is obvious. I tried it on a man who has been in a relationship for years, “How’s your longtime companion, Jill?” [Read More...]

Freedom From Religion Foundation Sues City of Rancho Cucamonga

There was an atheist billboard that was recently taken down in the city of Rancho Cucamonga in California: At first, it was thought that city officials forced General Outdoor Advertising to take down the ad. Then city officials said they had nothing to do with it. Now, the Freedom From Religion Foundation says otherwise. They [Read More...]

The Berenstain Bears are Christian

Just looking at these actual book covers, I now feel like my childhood was somehow tainted… who knew the Berenstain Bears were evangelical Christians? The books are selling quite well, with over 100,000 copies sold since their release on September 30th. Mike Berenstain, who has authored the Berenstain books with his mother Jan (his father [Read More...]