Maybe the South Isn’t As Hostile to Atheists As We Thought…

Recently, Shaun McGonigal (the Philadelphia Reason & Religion Examiner) took a trip to the South with his girlfriend. Shaun normally wears atheist t-shirts while in Philadelphia, but he thought he’d continue wearing them during his trip. He wondered what differences he’d find. Would the reactions be that much worse in the South? Turns out things [Read More...]

Thomas Kinkade: Born-Again Christian Artist Convicted of Fraud

Thomas Kinkade (a.k.a. “Painter of Light”) is a born-again Christian artist whose prints appear everywhere. He runs the Thomas Kinkade Co. He just lost a big court case because of shady business dealings — he now owes $2,100,000 — but notice how he manipulated the other side (Kinkade Signature Gallery owners): At a week-long presentation [Read More...]

God is Working with the UFOs

Here’s all you need to know about the clip: The reporter mentions the obvious cause of the smoke ring… and then proceeds to let this woman say it’s a UFO, thus making a fool of herself. The clip of the UFO investigator doesn’t help me take this newscast seriously, either. Thank you, CNN. That’s hard-hitting [Read More...]

Which Battles Should Atheists Fight?

The other day, I posted about a Police Officer’s Prayer that was popping up on several government websites. Comments were made about how that was not a battle atheists should be fighting. It was too small an issue to care about. It’s a similar argument to the one made when Michael Newdow took on the [Read More...]

The Flintstones Is Not a Documentary

It’s like I’ve always said: Pigs are Creationists. Thankfully, Goat is the voice of reason. I’m not sure if there’s an extended metaphor for that… (via Pearls Before Swine) [Read more...]