The Shroud of Turin is a Fake. But You Already Knew That

I’ll admit, when I heard about this story, I was just surprised to learn that anyone actually takes the Shroud of Turin seriously. Are some Christians really that gullible? What’s that? Ken Ham, you say? *sigh* Never mind. [Read more...]

OKCupid: Astrology is Useless and It Pays to Not Take Religious Beliefs Seriously

The last time dating website OKCupid released data about its users, we discovered that saying you’re an atheist can help you get a date! Recently, they released a few more charts that are revealing both for what they tell us and don’t tell us. For example, a lot of people put their astrological sign on [Read More...]

A Campus Group’s Response to the International Day of Prayer

Yesterday was the International Day of Prayer. (Not to be confused with the National Day of Prayer, which is a yearly political stunt with ties to Focus on the Family.) In honor of it, the Campus Crusade for Christ chapter at Indiana University – Bloomington prayed for 24 straight hours… The Secular Alliance of IU [Read More...]

Update on the Don Harris and David Barbour Election

***Update***: If you’d like to donate to Mr. Barbour to help him recoup the cost of the campaign, information is here. There is no PayPal link just yet. … Yesterday, I posted about Don Harris, a member of the Albuquerque City Council in New Mexico, who was being challenged in the local election by a [Read More...]

The Silly Ten Commandments

I know we’ve all heard the arguments before, but I never get tired of hearing of how absurd the Ten Commandments are: Of course, no smackdown of the list is complete without watching George Carlin‘s classic bit. (via Stupid Evil Bastard) [Read more...]