Open Thread

I’m recovering from speaking at Beloit College last night (it was awesome), so consider this an open thread! Discuss what you will. Need a topic? What the %&$*# is happening on Lost? I’m obsessed with the show and yet I’m still so damn confused about everything. [Read more...]

Creationist Claims iPhone App is Free!

Do you ever find yourself in a heated debate with Creationists and all you have with you is your iPhone?! Yes. Yes, you do. Every day. That’s why you want to download Creationist Claims by Insomnia Addict — it’s the iPhone version of The Counter-Creationism Handbook by Mark Isaak. And it’s free! How awesome is [Read More...]

Song for James Randi

The band Tense Kids has a fun little song called “Song for James Randi” that I’ve been listening to for a couple nights now. The lyrics are great. Feel free to listen to it here: And check out singer/songwriter Joe Harbison‘s personal page here. Yay for skeptic music! [Read more...]

Faith-Healing Parents Who Killed Son Sentenced to Prison

This is what you need to know about Jeff and Marci Beagley: They allowed their son to die of an inflammation of his urethra because they figured a god would cure him. Instead of taking him to a doctor for real help, they prayed… and sat back idly while he suffered. A jury found them [Read More...]

Jesus for Rent

I don’t think I want one, but maybe some of you are interested in a Jesus: Incidentally the actual location is in New Zealand. (via FAIL Blog) [Read more...]