Reason Rally Billboard Goes Up in Virginia

The following billboard can now be seen in Richmond, Virginia! Less than two weeks till the big event… are you excited yet?! [Read more…]

The Generic Atheist Billboard

(In response to this post.) [Read more…]

Guess Why a Catholic Diocese Doesn’t Want to Help a Homeless Shelter?

Francis House, a non-profit group in Sacramento, does a lot of amazing work: Each morning, dozens of poor people line up at Francis House, located in Sacramento’s homeless services epicenter, for help with basic services such as housing and transportation. Now in its 42nd year, the organization is one of the largest homeless services agencies [Read More…]

I’m Sure They’re Just Saying Boo-urns

Congratulations to my dear friends at the Illinois Family Institute! They just made the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of anti-gay Hate Groups… again: Want an example of their wretched ideology? On the Day of Silence (a student-led initiative to raise awareness about the “silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying”), IFI wants parents to remove their [Read More…]

Consider This Your Sunday Sermon

Using the exact words of Robert Green Ingersoll from 1887 (!!!), David M. Beadle has made a short film explaining what Secularism means: If you’d like to follow along, the transcript is below: [Read more…]