Another Reason to Sign Your Kids Up for Camp Quest

Samantha Stein of the United Kingdom writes about her experience as a Camp Quest counselor in Detroit and lets us know that CQ is arriving in the UK in 2009! (Incidentally, the title of the article is called “My summer at atheist camp” — not Samantha’s idea. Just a lazy copywriter who assumes all kids [Read More...]

How Sad, Indeed

I love PZ Myers. He’s a wonderful teacher and, at times, he’s downright hilarious. But other times he can be… well… something else entirely. Paul Jones has died. I didn’t know him, or even know about him, until his obituary was sent to me, but it’s an utterly tragic life story. He was an ordained [Read More...]


The latest cross-shaped MP3 player — the TEO MP-301 — holds 1 GB of music and costs $49: According to Joshua Fruhlinger of Engadget: … According to reviews, the player has some serious interface issues and a weak screen, but if crucifixion is your thing, you can’t go wrong with this necklace cross-cum-MP3 player. Or [Read More...]

I Still Wouldn’t Have Voted For Him…

… but it’s something, I suppose: Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, once criticized for leaving out atheists and nonbelievers when he delivered a much-touted speech on faith in America, now says he missed a chance to discuss their role in society. Romney, who addressed his Mormon faith on Dec. 6 to allay concerns by hesitant [Read More...]

Make It Stop

She keeps breeding… She never stops… Someone make her stop! And I know some of you don’t like it, but dammit, this image still makes me laugh. (Thanks to Benjamin for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]