Why Did the Detroit Lions Have a Good Month?

Back in November, members of the New Destiny Baptist Church in Detroit came together for an important prayer: They will then travel to Ford Field, link hands and surround the stadium with a human chain of souls seeking intercession on behalf of the once-proud Lions. They were praying for the success of the football team. [Read More...]

Moral of the Story: Don’t Sleep in the Passenger Seat

So I’m driving home from Wisconsin after a weekend away with the Ladyfriend. She’s very tired and decides to take a nap on my shoulder. No big deal. I can drive just fine. I get on a local road and I see a cop in my rear-view mirror somewhere in the distance. That’s fine. I [Read More...]

Dave Silverman Talking About the Religious ‘Scam’ with Bill O’Reilly

When American Atheists put up this billboard in Alabama this week, I knew it would get attention, but I also felt it would be much more difficult to defend: To the atheists who sit in pews each week despite not really believing what they’re told, it makes sense to say “You know it’s a myth.” [Read More...]

When Your Son is a Homeopath

There’s a hilarious comic at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Just to give you a taste… Don’t forget to click on the Red Dot at the site for a perfect extra punchline. To all you parents out there, what is the worst thing your child could possibly come out as…? [Read more...]

Open Thread

I’m getting back from a short vacation and preparing lesson plans since school is back in session tomorrow, so consider this an open thread while I recover [Read more...]