They Seem So Smug…

These people annoy the hell out of me, too…: (via XKCD) [Read more...]

Atheist Creates Rapture Orphan Rescue

Now that the atheists at Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA are making a profit off of Christians for their serious-but-not-really service where they promise to take care of your pets after you’ve been Raptured, another atheist (who wishes to remain anonymous) is taking the hint and coming out with his own line of post-Rapture services. This [Read More...]

It Needs a Caption…

You’re creative and you have Photoshopping skills. Now use those talents! This one’s amusing, but you can do better. [Read more...]

Note to Christians: Please Don’t Say This

I know the sentiment is usually a good one… but it’s still really annoying to hear: (via PostSecret) [Read more...]

North Carolina Atheists Get Positive Press

***Update***: There was another article about the North Carolina billboard in today’s LA Times. They are on a roll. Excellent media coverage! … There’s a wonderful article in Sunday’s Charlotte Observer about the Charlotte Atheists & Agnostics, one of the groups behind the recently-vandalized “One Nation Indivisible” billboard. Up to now, the 11-year-old Charlotte Atheists [Read More...]