Ask Richard: Atheist Muslima in Europe Feels Trapped by Family Ties

Note to readers: I usually don’t publish letters that are this long, but this letter is so poignant, so articulate, and so thorough that I couldn’t bring myself to shorten or paraphrase it. It depicts dilemmas similar to those that young atheists from devout families face in the U.S, but the main difference is the [Read More...]

Sam Harris Releases Lying, His Latest Book

Almost ten years after he began writing his bestseller The End of Faith, Sam Harris‘ new book Lying is now available as a $1.99 Kindle Single: This is his 4th book and his first e-only book. (It’s not available in hardcover/paperback.) [Read more...]

A ‘Positive Protest’ at a Creation Museum

The San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics are planning a “Positive Protest” of the local Creation and Earth “History” “Museum” on Saturday, September 24th. Organizer John V. explains what that entails: I’ve tried the angry-atheist thing before and, believe me, it doesn’t work… I think we should focus more on trying to improve the public [Read More...]

The Similarities Seem Endless

College Humor points out how one particular group of people is always obsessing over minutiae, quoting old source material to back up certain arguments, and abstaining from pre-marital sex… (Thanks to Alex for the link!) [Read more...]

Some Meaningful Numbers from The Amazing Meeting 9

Yes, there are categories of “diversity” other than gender and geographic location, but Brian Thompson at the James Randi Educational Foundation shares some numbers showing the skeptic community is at least doing better than we were before. Ideally, it’s an indication of what’s to come: … If the skeptics community is going to thrive and [Read More...]