My Thanks

by Jesse Galef Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday. Its connection to religion is only peripheral so we atheists can participate easily, it celebrates one of humanity’s best attributes, and it only tangentially invokes our history of slaughtering the indigenous population (not as badly as Columbus Day, at least). I treat Thanksgiving a bit like [Read More...]

Tree of Knowledge Will Go Up on Monday

For the past couple years, the Tree of Knowledge has gone up in West Chester outside the Chester County Courthouse, thanks to the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia. It’s a great monument to human thought: This year, new size restrictions were put in place that could’ve prevented the Tree from being put up (PDF). There’s [Read More...]

Interview with Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort is the man responsible for the recent distribution of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (with a 50-page introduction explaining why it’s all junk science and how Darwin is connected to Hitler) at college campuses across the country. He distributed the books a day earlier than he said he would. On Tuesday, [Read More...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have a great ThankFSMgiving today [Read more...]

Children’s Responses to: What Is Evolution?

Here’s video of children’s responses to the question: “What is Evolution?” It’s sponsored by Charlie’s Playhouse. The music’s a bit loud, but the responses are entertaining. My favorite is: “Then the monkeys turned into people monkeys” It’s still more science understanding than most Creationists could give you… [Read more...]