Get Rid of of DADT

It’s off-topic, but it’s the best explanation I’ve read about why Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell needs to be repealed, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan: Rich [Lowry] says that it’s no big deal to live hiding one’s sexual orientation. If you’re straight, try it for one day. Try never mentioning your spouse, your family, your home, your [Read More...]

What’s the Link Between Morality and Religion?

We already knew this was true, but it’s nice to have some numbers behind it. An article in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences suggests, among other things, that morality and religion are not linked up as the Christian Right would have you believe. Citing several studies in moral psychology, the authors highlight the finding [Read More...]

Should an Atheist Take the Christian Job?

A reader — let’s call her Atheist Amy — has been out of work for a while. She’s two months past due on her mortgage, so it’s important she find work quickly. Turns out she has a lead on a well-paying job. She even has an interview coming up! … But it’s with a fundamentalist [Read More...]

The Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival 2010

It’s really hard to get college atheists and local atheist groups to get a giant group together for much of anything. So when a couple hundred get together, anywhere, I’m paying attention. They’re doing that in the Philippines this weekend, during their first (hopefully annual) Filipino Freethinkers Film Festival: “Most of us don’t question our [Read More...]

Sex and Atheism by Greta Christina

Blogger/Writer Greta Christina recently spoke in Indiana (for the Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University) about atheism and sexuality. Jen says the event went very well: I actually think one of the best parts was the Q&A at the end, because it really showcased Greta’s talents. She’s prepared to answer pretty much any question about [Read More...]