Friendly Atheist Readers Helped Mississippians ‘Beat the Heat’

Last month, Humanists in Northeast Mississippi tried to raise money to buy air conditioners for the 100+ people waiting in line for an air conditioner unit. They didn’t get a lot of support at first, but I’m thrilled to report there’s a happy ending to the story: … we had zero luck getting any local [Read More…]

Friar Claims That ‘the Youngster Is the Seducer’ When Priests Rape Kids

Ah, victim blaming.  The age-old technique to allow rapists and molesters to shirk off responsibility for their actions. We hear a lot of this in regards to cases of “legitimate rape” (as it is so sweetly referred to by old idiotic men) when the woman was clearly asking for it… You know how it sounds: “Did you [Read More…]

Why Don’t More Atheists Speak Out Against Islamophobia?

Chris Stedman raises some excellent points about how atheists with large forums (via books and blogs) have done relatively little to speak up on behalf of Muslims in our country. He’s not saying we should stop criticizing their false beliefs — Stedman has no big problem with that. But when a shooting occurs at a [Read More…]

Republicans Go Nuts

First, let me apologize for that terrible, terrible pun in the title. I am, of course, drawing attention to the ejection of two attendees from the Republican National Convention for throwing nuts at a black CNN camerawoman. According to witnesses, the individuals told her “this is how we feed animals” as they threw the nuts. Needless [Read More…]

Tomatoes: 1, Atheists: 0

Dammit! Time to drown my American Atheists membership card in a vat of fancy ketchup… (via Toothpaste for Dinner) [Read more…]