Christian Pastor Tries to Support Gay People… by Ignoring Contradictory Bible Verses and Suggesting God Can Fix Them

After Anderson Cooper told the world he was gay last week, Pastor Craig Gross wrote an article for CNN offering a response to what Cooper did. Here’s what Gross intended to say (in my mind): A lot of Christians say homosexuality is a sin, but they ignore all the other sins in the Bible. You [Read More…]

Fundraiser for Atheists Helping the Homeless

The Trolling For Logic team is doing a 12-hour fundraiser for Atheists Helping the Homeless: Watch the show! And if you can pitch in, please give! It’s a great cause [Read more…]

A Flaw in the Golden Rule

(via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more…]

Can an Atheist Love Religious Music?

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S.E. Cupp Calls Out a Group of ‘Crazy, Militant Atheists’ for… Wait, What?!

It’s hard enough to watch MSNBC’s The Cycle because I just can’t bring myself to watch one of the co-hosts, S.E. Cupp… but she said something stupid (I know, I know, shocking) and it’s now online and since there was something wrong on the Internet, I had to fix it. First, here’s just a sampling [Read More…]