Are You An Uncle Tom Atheist?

Austin Cline finishes the sentence “You might be an Uncle Tom Atheist if…” For example: You might be an Uncle Tom Atheist if… You Apologize for “Bad Atheists” Making Religious Believers Uncomfortable It’s easy to see how generalizations about an entire class of people must be wrong, but bigots get around this by dividing a [Read More...]

Questions for Anyone Who Voted for Proposition 8

It wasn’t just Christians who voted to ban gay marriage in California, but no doubt the measure would’ve failed without their support. Ditto to the Mormons. There are so many questions I want to ask those people who voted in favor of Proposition 8 and as a result banned gay marriages in California: How is [Read More...]

Thoughts on Election Night

I spent election night at the Barack Obama rally in Chicago. It was an incredible experience. Though I was with a “ticketed” friend, I still ended up far away from the “on-air” action, but I was still in the crowd, joining in the collective experience. Some highlights from the evening: I got into the “tickets” [Read More...]

Brief Thoughts on the Barack Obama Presidency

I wrote an article on the aftermath of the election (and Barack Obama’s victory) for Humanist Network News. You can check it out here! [Read more...]


There’s a typo and an entertaining example of sexual innuendo on this price tag… but you still have to appreciate that the product serves as a dual coffee-maker and “God Filter.” Those God Filters are so expensive nowadays… (via Megan Mayer) [Read more...]