A Video Plea to a Young Believer

A. Hughman has made a video that is a plea to young believers. It doesn’t ask that they become atheists — he has a different goal in mind: I love the video. My worry, though, is that many young Christians will say they have no problem with expressing doubt. They question plenty of things: Evolution. [Read More...]

Defending the Duggars?

Over the weekend, I stumbled across the cover of the new issue of People on a library table: 19 kids…? My eyes wanted to bulge at the sight of that number, but they stopped doing that when the number hit double digits. It’s just not a surprise anymore. The question on the cover is “How [Read More...]

Live-Blogging the Tim Tebow Commercial

***Begin live-blogging*** 5:42 Third Commercial in. Good placement. ***End live-blogging*** Well, that was fun. What should I do the rest of the night? [Read more...]

The Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad

It’s up at The Huffington Post. The transcript: Pam Tebow: I call him my miracle baby. He almost didn’t make it into this world. I remember so many times when I almost lost him. It was so hard. Well he’s all grown up now, and I still worry about his health. Everybody treats him like [Read More...]

A Rebuttal to the Tim Tebow Ad

The Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad hasn’t aired yet, but Jimmy Kimmel shows us the rebuttal ad that CBS will be airing (Thanks to Ungullible for the link!) [Read more...]