Hating God

Atheists often get told that we hate God. Which is funny, because that’s like saying we hate unicorns and Bigfoot and Zeus. But we can (feel free to substitute a less emotionally-charged word here) hate the concept of God. We can hate what it does to people. As one girl writes: I hate the concept [Read More...]

Christian Right (For Kids!)

You’ve seen those studies which show how Generation Next (ages 18-25) is becoming less religious, more tolerant, and less Republican? Some students in Connecticut are disturbed by that. They want to buck the trend. They are the next generation of the Christian Right: Like its parent organization, the youth group — known as iFIC [Family [Read More...]

A Lousy Night for Atheists?

John Hamilton of the Texas Rangers was in the Home Run Derby tonight. He needed 8 home runs in round one to advance to the next round. He cranked out 28. In the first round. 13 in a row at one point. (The previous record was Bobby Abreu‘s 24 first round homers in 2005.) At [Read More...]

Shirtless Mormons

Reason #8723423 to be an atheist. When a Mormon creates a calendar featuring scantily clad male models (called “Men on a Mission”), he has to deal with a “disciplinary hearing and possible excommunication because of the project.” A takeoff on calendars of firefighters and returned U.S. servicemen, Hardy’s project debuted with a 2008 calendar featuring [Read More...]

Robert Price to Speak in Indiana

Biblical scholar Robert Price will be in Fort Wayne, Indiana in a few weeks to talk about his new book Top Secret: The Truth Behind Today’s Pop Mysticisms. All the details of the event can be found here. If you’re in the area, go check it out; this is an event well worth attending! [tags]atheist, [Read More...]