NCAA Adopts “Tim Tebow Rule”: No More Eye Black Messages

During his football games over the past few years, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow would try to send messages via his “eye black”: Damn that Tebow, always trying to convert me with his eyes… Anyway, it seemed to be a double-standard that never got called out. No doubt some NCAA official would have put the kibosh [Read More...]

I’m No Gemini

How did I miss this Onion horoscope last week? Does anyone else have the odd habit of beginning with your own sign when reading the Onion horoscopes? (Thanks to L for the link!) [Read more...]

An Actual Prayer Calculator

I asked and Brielle delivered! Here’s an actual prayer calculator: Type in the number of hours per day you prayed and how many years you were religious, and it’ll let you know how many hours were spent on your unheard thoughts [Read more...]

Another Hilarious Trip Through the Creation Museum

Whether you’ve visited in person or not, you’ve probably seen all you need to of the Creation “Museum” in Kentucky. But reading about someone else’s journey through it never gets old. Viceland Today has a visual-friendly jaunt through the place: (Thanks to Joe for the link!) [Read more...]

Meeting Atheists in Pittsburgh and Ann Arbor

If you’re in Pittsburgh this Friday night (2/19), I’ll be attending Drinking Skeptically with HealthyAddict and a bunch of awesome locals! All the details are here if you’d like to join us! (That is, assuming my flight gets in on time, and the car I’m in doesn’t skid into a ditch. If we make it, [Read More...]