This Must Be What the Religious Right Thinks We Do…

Well, it’s finally happened. They leaked the video of a secret meeting between the atheists, feminists, gays, and evolutionists:

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This Pizza Place Will Give You a Discount If You Say ‘Jesus Died For Me’

You remember Godfather’s Pizza. Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain was its former CEO. So I’m not completely surprised that one of the franchisees would be offering an Easter discount… but the restaurant in Hampton, Iowa is going a step further:

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The New Yorker Profiles ‘Secular Gadfly’ Tim Minchin

It’s about time the man got some recognition like this.

In the upcoming issue of The New Yorker, Michael Schulman profiles singer/songwriter and secular hero Tim Minchin:

Unfortunately, the article is behind a paywall, but the profile gives him the praise he deserves (while offering a few jabs at atheists in the process): [Read more…]

The Freeloaders of Hamilton County, Tennessee

Chattanooga, Tennessee sits in Hamilton County and, like so many cities, it could always use more tax revenue.

Residents obviously pay taxes. So do most businesses.

But not churches. They’re exempt and — bad news for the city — there are a hell of a lot of them in the area, meaning the city is missing out on millions of dollars each year in theoretical income:

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Why I Am An Atheist

The prompt from Patheos: Explain why you’re an atheist in under 200 words.

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