Colorado Atheists Speak at City Council Meeting: Victory?

They usually start city council meetings in Grand Junction, Colorado with Christian prayers. That’s not just “bothersome,” as one news article notes. It’s illegal and it needs to stop. At least the Western Colorado Atheists and Freethinkers are trying to get their message included in the mix. They’ll get a chance to speak before the [Read More...]

Why Should You Support the Secular Student Alliance?

Because we offer so much to our affiliates Ashley Paramore, one of our newest staffers, put together this video that we’ll be sending out to our member groups. It features Richard Dawkins, Mr. Deity, SSA staffers (including Jesse Galef), and several campus group leaders talking about why the SSA is so important to them. I’m [Read More...]

Why Does Tim Tebow Get to Send Religious Messages in the NFL?

You remember Tim Tebow. He’s the former University of Florida football player who tried to convert you with his eyes: Once he graduated, the NCAA ended up banning eye-billboards. Now, Tebow is a professional football player for the Denver Broncos. But since the NFL already bans eye-black messages, he has to figure out a different [Read More...]

When Atheists ‘Act Like Jesus’

It’s always interesting to hear Christians giving us credit where it’s due… Like this blogger, Mason, who speaks in Christianese but is trying to grapple with the fact that atheists can be kind and generous despite what the church might have him believe… It’s become pretty common that I’ll be involved in a deep discussion [Read More...]

Ask Richard: My Zealous Catholic Parents Are Indoctrinating My Kids

Hi Richard, I just found your site recently, and am finding it very helpful. Having been raised a guilt-stricken Catholic, it took me a long time to tell my parents that I no longer ascribe to the faith. My husband actually broke the news, as they are very loud and demeaning to me when they [Read More...]