New Banner

There’s a new, cleaner looking banner at the top of the page. I absolutely love it. The ambigram was created by Tiffany Harvey (who does beautiful work and will one day design my tattoo). She is awesome and you should all hire her for all your designing purposes. The banner was then put together by [Read More...]

The Problem with the Prosperity Gospel

In a piece for The Atlantic, Hanna Rosin asks, “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” Many explanations have been offered for the housing bubble and subsequent crash: interest rates were too low; regulation failed; rising real-estate prices induced a sort of temporary insanity in America‚Äôs middle class. But there is one explanation that speaks to a [Read More...]

Why Should Atheists Celebrate the Holidays?

Greta Christina has a terrific article highlighting several reasons atheists should be celebrating this time of year: Reason #7: Holiday traditions are comforting. The human need for tradition and ritual seems to be deeply ingrained. It’s comforting to do things at the same time every day or every year: things we did as children, things [Read More...]

Site Updates

We’re making a couple changes to the site and some of you might see some odd formatting for a little while regardless of browser. Please bear with me and things should be back to normal soon! [Read more...]

Raising Awareness That Atheists Can’t Hold Public Office in All States

People are still talking about Asheville, North Carolina city councilperson Cecil Bothwell and the recent consciousness-raising of the fact that several states technically forbid atheists from holding public office. In Bothwell’s case, the state constitution says his atheism prevents him from holding his seat, but the U.S. Constitution says otherwise. (The U.S. Constitution trumps the [Read More...]