American Atheists Stadium?

American Atheists wants to buy the naming rights to the stadium in which the Super Bowl will be played. The day after. Just for an hour. For $20,000. Here are excerpts from the press release: An Atheist public policy group is seeking hourly naming rights to the stadium the Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010 CE Super [Read More...]

The Problems with the Super Bowl ManCrunch Ad Rejection

CBS is still planning to air the Tim Tebow pro-life ad during the Super Bowl. We haven’t seen what this commercial will look like. (Though in an intriguing twist, lawyer Gloria Allred is claiming Tebow’s mom couldn’t have had an abortion even if she wanted to because such a procedure was illegal in the Philippines, [Read More...]

A Fair and Balanced Debate on… Everything?

I didn’t know FOX News Channel staged a debate between scientists and Creationists… Hope you didn’t miss the crawl at the bottom (via SMBC Theater) [Read more...]

Baptists Kidnap 33 Haitian Children in the Name of God

Apparently, Christian sects are stealing children all over the place. First it was the Mennonites. Now, it’s the Baptists, some of whom are pictured below. This story is quite possibly more disturbing than the last. A group of Baptists kidnapped children from Haiti — some of whom were separated from their family because of the [Read More...]

Wyoming School Board Says “No” to “No Place for Hate” Posters

Take a look at this sign: You see the problem with it? Apparently, it teaches kids that gay marriage is great and the “traditional” family structure needs to be broken down (?!?!) And if you don’t see that, then you might be wondering (as I do) why those signs were taken down from schools in [Read More...]