Ask Richard: Atheist in the Philippines Lonely for Freethinking Friends

Dear Richard, I am a college student from the Philippines, a predominantly Catholic country. I’m an “out” atheist. Mostly, I’m not being mistreated, and I can tolerate the fact that Catholicism is such a big part of the country’s culture. My problem is that in the city where I live, I am alone in my [Read More...]

Announcing the Secular Coalition for Arizona

The Secular Coalition for America is set to introduce its first state affiliate! This is part of Sean Faircloth’s Secular Decade plan (PDF). And of all the places to begin this program, Arizona has to be at the top of the list right now. There’s a party to celebrate the new group on Tuesday, October [Read More...]

How Many Scots Are Good Without God?

Reading a random article about the Pope… The Pope is visiting Scotland… He admits there are child molesters within the church hierarchy.. Nothing new… I’ve heard all this before… Holy crap. There are about 850,000 Catholics in Scotland, according to the 2001 U.K. Census, but 27 percent of Scots — about 1.5 million — did [Read More...]

Harvard Event This Weekend

I’m going to Harvard University this weekend for a very different kind of talk than the ones I usually give. Actually, I’m not talking very much at all. I’ll give an introduction of sorts, but really, this is a group discussion. It’ll be a chance to look at a number of different scenarios that atheists [Read More...]

Remembering Robert Ingersoll

Robert Ingersoll may have been called “The Great Agnostic,” but when you read some of his rhetoric, you realize he would’ve made one hell of a New Atheist. George White has a piece about Ingersoll in the just-now-online-even-though-it’s-from-August issue of Freethought Today. Just check out some of Ingersoll’s statements: “It may be that ministers really [Read More...]