Ask Richard: Struggling With an Impulsive Disrespect for Christians

Hi Richard, I’m on the state board of a high school student organization. As a vice-chair I was in charge of an icebreaker and we did a series of questions. As an avid reader and always on the look out for good books, one of the questions was “what is your favorite book?”. We had [Read More...]

Parents Television Council Goes After “Two and a Half Men”

I don’t know how much truth there is to this story (It comes from OneNewsNow, so take it with a grain of salt): In January, a study conducted by the Parents Television Council (PTC) found 94 advertisers for the CBS show Two and a Half Men. According to the PTC, the show features countless jokes [Read More...]

Mr. Deity and Da Man

Mr. Deity has returned… and this time, he is helping Adam find a wife! I tried screaming at Adam not to do it. He didn’t listen. [Read more...]

Eye Exam Fail

I don’t understand it, but I know where I’m going the next time I need an eye exam: No one likes those blurry babies, anyway. They’re the worst. (Thanks to everyone for the link!) [Read more...]

More Musicians Embrace Godlessness

Yesterday, I mentioned that Jazz bassist Ben Allison recently outed himself as an atheist. Apparently, he’s not the only musician taking that path. The band A.F.I. (A Fire Inside) has a new album coming out tomorrow titled “Crash Love.” One song on the album is titled “Sacrilege” and the lyrics allude to a pro-atheist stance: [Read More...]