Is This Christian Author Really a Former Atheist?

If you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the Christian world, one way to gain instant credibility is to claim that you used to be an atheist. Lee Strobel and Kirk Cameron have both said as much — though you won’t find them making any public statements regarding their atheism before they began [Read More...]

Google Chrome’s ‘It Gets Better’ Ad

A beautiful commercial aired during Glee tonight, featuring Dan Savage and the “It Gets Better” project: Honest question: Has any major church submitted a video for this campaign? I’m assuming no — the last thing the Christian church wants to do is make anything better for the GLBT community — but maybe someone can prove [Read More...]

A Sequel to Draw Muhammad Day

Last year, it was important as ever to draw an image of Muhammad. Those who had suggested doing it were being threatened. College students who actually drew Muhammad were accused of committing hate crimes. All of it for drawing a picture — stick figures, even! — that some deemed offensive. Islam forbids the drawing of [Read More...]

North Carolina Atheists to Celebrate Day of Reason at State Capitol

The Triangle Freethought Society has big plans for the National Day of Reason on Thursday, May 5th. In response to the National Day of Prayer, the atheists will be on the grounds of the North Carolina Capitol Building in Raleigh from 11:45a – 1:15p. And they’re bringing speakers: Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the American [Read More...]

The Christianity Epidemic in the Van Buren School District

If I were a parent in the Van Buren School District in Arkansas, I’d be worried about the education my kids were getting. Certain faculty members and administrators alike don’t know how to keep their religion to themselves when they’re on duty. Check out what Van Buren High School Principal Becky Guthrie sent out to [Read More...]