2010 Secular Student Alliance Awards

Every year, the Secular Student Alliance gives out awards to the best campus atheist groups in the country in a variety of areas. Each group receives a plaque and a cash reward (ranging from $300-$500). Here are this year’s winners: Affiliate of the Year: University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers. In addition to hosting [Read More...]

No, You Can’t Hand Out Bibles at Public Schools

Let’s play a game: how many *facepalms* can you do while reading this press release from Liberty Counsel? Right off the bat, the headline is misleading: Florida School Tries to Ban Bibles on Religious Freedom Day No public school is banning Bibles. Ever. All students can bring a Bible to school if they want to. [Read More...]

End Religious Discrimination in Faith-Based Initiatives

Sean Faircloth of the Secular Coalition for America issues a reminder that faith-based discrimination (with federal money) is still allowed in our country. President Obama could stop it in an instant, but he hasn’t done it yet. There’s no reason to wait on this. Obama knows this is an illegal use of tax-payer dollars and [Read More...]

Why is Stephen Prothero So Hard on Atheists?

It’s not easy to defend Stephen Prothero when he writes about atheists. I wrote before that he knows a lot about our “community” even if he wrongly calls atheism a religion with our own brand of fundamentalists. His new book is God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World — and [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Of Mothers and Mothers-in-Law, Part Two

Dear Richard, I’ve been an atheist for all my adult life. When I first came out to my Lutheran parents, they were surprisingly accepting, and now I regularly discuss religion and current religious issues with them respectfully. A few years ago, I met a wonderful man I’ll call Craig. He was raised by Catholic parents, [Read More...]