If You Can Say God Might Not Exist, Then Why Can’t I Say This?

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry isn’t a fan of the atheist bus ads he sees in his city. He’s in favor of the rebuttal advertising that’s now on Calgary buses (“God cares for everyone… even for those who say He doesn’t exist!”) but I think this is the money quotation: “If you can say that God [Read More...]

Does Satan Exist? No. Debate Over.

I watched this last night. It was painful. Nightline brought together four people — all of whom believe in the supernatural — to debate the existence of Satan. Because apparently, that needs to be debated… Here’s all you need to know about the event: Representing the “rational” side was… Deepak Chopra. I’d say everybody lost. [Read More...]

That is One Irresponsible Angel…

9-year-old Paje Wiklund was playing baseball when she was swallowed by a sink hole — an old cesspool — on her way to first base. She would’ve fallen 16 to 20 more feet… but she happened to land on an old pipe. After that, her friends were able to rescue her. How is the family [Read More...]

Atheist Billboards Up in North Texas

At least the billboards are being put up in a place that really needs them, what with the Christianists trying to force their ridiculous ideas into the science curriculum in that state. The billboards, much like the bus ads, are not there to convert passers-by. Rather, the hope is to reach the atheists who think [Read More...]

Should This Atheist Group Be Given Office in a Campus “Spiritual Center”?

One decision all college atheist groups need to make is which category of student organizations they’d like to be included in: Religious? Academic? Other? Penn State’s Atheist/Agnostic Association (PSAAA) is listed as a Religious group in the campus directory. As a result, they were allowed to sign up for office space in the Pasquerilla Spiritual [Read More...]