Fighting Back Against The Pulpit Initiative

You may have already heard: The (conservative Christian) Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is asking church leaders to endorse specific candidates on Sunday, September 28th, thereby breaking the law and challenging their own tax-exempt status. It’s called The Pulpit Initiative: On Sunday, September 28, 2008, we are seeking pastors who will preach from the pulpit a [Read More...]

The Theology of NBA Star Stephon Marbury

Sports reporter Tommy Craggs spent a lot of time with basketball star Stephon Marbury last year while writing a profile of him for New York magazine. One of their interactions that did not make the final story dealt with the revelation that Craggs was an atheist. Craggs tells his story at Deadspin: It began when [Read More...]

Bobby Jindal Exorcised Me

You know you want this shirt: Man… remember the time when Bobby Jindal was being considered as John McCain‘s vice-presidential choice? Glad *those* days of a pro-life, Intelligent-Design-endorsing, religious extremist VP are finally over… (via Sepia Mutiny) [Read more...]

Interview at The Atheist Spot

There is now an interview with me posted over at The Atheist Spot! Just wanted to mention it Thanks to Lenny for the opportunity! [Read more...]

A Defense of Penn Jillette’s Recent Column

After Penn Jillette‘s recent article for CNN, I said I disagreed with his views and that not only should we vote (as opposed to sitting out the election like Penn), but we should also support government intervention in some instances. I feel that Democrats would be the lesser of two evils for sure, but a [Read More...]