How to Kill the Mood

If you go to the Cyanide & Happiness website, you can see an amusing punchline. Something only an atheist would say I gotta find a way to use that line on someone… [Read more...]

FFRF Is Complaining About the Wrong Thing

The Freedom From Religion Foundation issued an “Action Alert” yesterday asking members to complain to the religion writer at USA Weekend magazine because of a cover story she wrote about how people perceive god. Were they upset because she misunderstood the atheist position? Did she make an offensive statement about non-religious people? Did she treat [Read More...]

Fox News Chicago Sends Undercover Agents to Anti-Gay Fundraiser

Remember a few months ago when I sent a couple people undercover into the Americans for Truth About Homosexuality Anti-Gay-Rights “Truth Academy”? (If not, you can read the reports here, here, and here.) Well, a couple months ago, I was contacted by my local Fox Chicago news affiliate. They were going to do a story [Read More...]

How a High School Activist Fought School Prayer and Became an Atheist Along the Way

Earlier this year, students at Indiana’s Greenwood High School voted — VOTED — to have a graduation prayer. A judge told them they couldn’t vote on such things at a public school. School officials responded by saying they wouldn’t screen student speeches beforehand (*wink wink nudge nudge*). But one of the required speeches was from [Read More...]

Seattle Gets a Tree of Knowledge

The Seattle Atheists have put up a beautiful Tree of Knowledge at the State Capitol building: The text reads: At this winter Solstice, as people embrace light and hope, Seattle Atheists celebrates human knowledge: Inquiry and discovery, invention and exploration, the investigation of mysteries subatomic to astronomic, ever growing, ever reaching, ever striving According to [Read More...]