A Christian Tries Explaining the Concept of Sin

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At a Press Conference to Oppose Gay Marriage, Brave Reporter Asks About Polygamy in the Bible

The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) is one of those groups that thinks gay marriage is a terrible, horrible thing. Yesterday, they held a press conference to oppose President Obama‘s stance on same-sex marriage. (Their timing is worthy of NBC coverage.) But the timing worked out for them, since news broke yesterday that the [Read More…]

I Would Read Books By This Guy

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Memo to Atheists in America: Don’t Ignore Islam

I wish I’d watched Cristina Rad‘s video Raping Islam before posting about how little attention atheists direct towards Islam. (My only defense is that there’s so much amazing content out there, and so little time!) In the comments of my previous post, many mentioned their fears of being lumped in with the extremist bigots who [Read More…]

My Episode of the Ask An Atheist Podcast Is Now Online

I taped an episode of the excellent Ask An Atheist podcast last week and it’s finally up — lots of fun conversations about math education, high school atheist groups, and Republicans in Texas. Have a listen! [Read more…]