Camp Quest Attendees Are Not “Inmates at Camp Godless”

One way to know whether to take a reporter seriously is to see whether he/she paid attention to details and got them correct. It’s also important to see what mistakes were made… and how they play into the story. Was it just a harmless mistake or something else? Ian Bell in the Sunday Herald (Scotland) [Read More...]

Update on the Denny’s in Euless, Texas

Last week, courtesy of Jeff Wagg, I learned about a Denny’s in Euless, Texas that was offering this special discount: Danielle and her friend Jenny wanted to test this promotion out with a non-religious bulletin, so they visited the North Texas Church of Freethought: … I looked at the bulletin, and it had the required [Read More...]

What Is Wrong With Religious Texts?

I’m going to be interviewing someone soon for a project. The subject is religious texts (mostly the Bible, but also the Koran and others). I could use some help in compiling questions to ask. I’m not focusing on, say, specific contradictions in the Bible. What I’m looking for are broader questions about the books. Here [Read More...]

Kara Neumann’s Father Found Guilty

Good. Put Dale Neumann away. I know some of you are saying that extended jailtime won’t do much to change his views or the views of other Christians who feel God trumps doctors when it comes to the health of their children. But I still think an example needs to be set. These parents shouldn’t [Read More...]

Typical Reactions to Atheist Ads

Can you imagine the uproar if atheists dared to put up a billboard similar to that of Answers in Genesis…: (via Atheist Cartoons) [Read more...]