When it Comes to Minor Church/State Separation Violations, This is Why We Fight

Lately, we’ve seen a handful of complaints/lawsuits over Christian symbols appearing in city seals. Richard Wade commented on this earlier today. Here’s how it goes down: An atheist individual or group complains about it because it’s a violation of church/state separation. People get up in arms because “How dare you go after something so insignificant?” [Read More…]

Embarrassing Confessions of My Christian Past

Wow, this is embarrassing. JT Eberhard brought back some very cringe worthy memories from my Christian childhood.  Does anyone remember this song? Because I do. In fact, I was a big fan of it and played it over and over for a long time. I even had ideas for creating my own video to go [Read More…]

Before the Elections, a Primer on Mormonism

Wesley Holland grew up in a Mormon family (he left the faith when he was 17) and he’s bothered by how much misinformation about Mormonism is floating around now that Mitt Romney is running for president: Since Mitt Romney became the Republican presidential hopeful, I’ve seen a lot of confusion in the media, online, and [Read More…]

What if the Austin City Seal Didn’t Have a Cross On It…?

Yesterday, Hemant posted a story about how Joe Zamecki was fighting against the city seal of Austin, Texas — which features a cross on it: Some of the commenters — both Christians and atheists — don’t seem to think this is a big deal. Some of the Christians say this isn’t government endorsement of religion, [Read More…]

The Wall Street Journal Covers Religious Bias at West Point

A few days ago, Jason Torpy wrote about a “strength of character” survey for the incoming class at the United States Military Academy. In attempting to determine the “personal strengths” of the cadets, West Point asked them to respond to statements as being on a scale from “like them” to “unlike them.” Most of the [Read More…]