South African Pastor Who Molested Women Arrested

Remember that Christian pastor from The Incredible Happenings Ministry in South Africa? The one who used a “demon banishing” service as an excuse to molest and abuse young women? You’ll be happy to know Paseka Motsoeneng (a.k.a. “Mboro” or “Mbhoro”) was recently arrested, albeit not for the obvious reasons: Mbhoro spent a night in a [Read More...]

This Has Been Bothering Me All Week…

Headline: CNN Poll: Majority in U.S. say bin Laden in hell Popular t-shirt: Several political cartoons: The front page of the New York Daily News: … Osama bin Laden is not in hell. Because hell doesn’t exist. Damn, it feels good to get that off my chest. [Read more...]

New ‘Keep State and Church Separate’ Billboard Goes Up in Washington

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has put up a billboard in Wenatchee, Washington that seems perfect for this time of year: The billboard, “God & Government — A Dangerous Mix: Keep State & Church Separate,” was posted in time to counter the National Day of Prayer today. Congress sets aside the first Thursday in May [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard in Fresno Vandalized After Only Three Days

Remember the billboard that was put up by the Central Valley Coalition of Reason (in Fresno, California)? It said: “Don’t believe in God? Join the club.” That billboard went up on Tuesday afternoon. It didn’t even last a week before the vandals got to it. Here’s what the billboard looks like now: The word “Don’t” [Read More...]

Parent Removes Children from School because Atheists Set Up Table During Lunch

Last month, students at Larkin High School in Elgin, IL took part in Ask An Atheist Day by setting up a couple tables in their cafeteria with permission from the principal. When I posted about the event a few weeks ago, one local paper quoted a crazy parent: “They were here to talk about atheism,” [Read More...]