Who’s Drawing Muhammad Now?

Members of the Secular Humanists for Inquiry and Free Thought (SHIFT) group at Northwestern University in Illinois took a cue from the students in Madison, Wisconsin and drew stick figure images of Muhammad on campus Sunday night. “We wanted to express the idea that there is no policy against talking about the prophet Muhammad,” Weinberg [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Skeptical Guy with a Credulous Girlfriend

Dear Richard, I am an atheist, yes, and like many other readers of this blog, I also identify myself as a skeptic. This is a new point of view — or way of life — to my now girlfriend of one year. We have had emotional discussions about religion and God on one or two [Read More...]

Australian Students Flock to Ethics Courses

There’s been a controversy in the Australian education system lately. A bit of reposting: Australian law mandates that students receive one hour of religious training per week. The Christians who run these services get tens of millions of dollars per year to make this happen. If you don’t attend these classes, you can just sit [Read More...]

Australian Church Makes Excuses for Priest Who Tried to Exorcise Handicapped Girl

You could say this headline is misleading: Priest conducts ‘bizarre’ faith healing This one’s “bizarre,” as opposed to all the others which are…? Anyway, what makes this one stand out is that the priest tried to heal a girl who was mentally and physically disabled. He tried to get her to walk. Even the parishioners [Read More...]

Did Someone Wear This At Your Wedding?

I don’t personally know the person who will soon don this… but I want him to preside over my future wedding: Now, all we need is a Flying Spaghetti Monster wedding cake and my plans will be set. Can’t think of anything else I’m forgetting… [Read more...]