There’s No Such Thing As “Miracle Whip”

As an atheist, I am proud to endorse this product: Careful, though: Spread that baby on Jesus-branded bread and the world may explode. (via Savage Chickens — Thanks to Joe for the link!) [Read more...]

NYC Christian Ads… A New Version

A couple days ago, I mentioned the Christian ad now up everywhere in New York City: Vixen Strangely made a few alterations to it to make it more amenable to atheists. I like the new look! [Read more...]

U.S. Military Switching to Secular Rifles

This post is courtesy of Ron Gold. Sanity has triumphed in the U.S. military, as they have pressured the company behind “Jesus Rifles” to only make normal rifle scopes from now on: Bowing to Pentagon concerns and an international outcry, a Michigan arms company said Thursday that it would immediately stop embossing references to New Testament Scriptures on [Read More...]

Pray4Trig now Pray4Healing

Pray4Trig — a site that wanted to you pray on a certain day so Sarah Palin‘s son would be “healed” of his Down Syndrome — no longer exists. It’s been replaced by… As is noted in the FAQ, we’ve found that attempting to gather prayers for young Mr. Palin has accomplished little beyond gathering [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Nursing Students Treated as Pariahs by Fellow Students

Hello Richard! I’m currently enrolled in nursing school in a college with no particular religious affiliation, but I seem to be having an existential crisis. My lab partner and I gave a (if I do say so myself) well thought out and very neutral presentation on the roles of spirituality in nursing. As a nurse [Read More...]