You Don’t Need God to be Good

You know those Christians who preach love by showing off their bigotry? The kind of people who fight against tolerance for gay people? The ones who demonize everyone who doesn’t worship the same god they do? One PostSecret reader discovered that by letting go of god, it’s possible to become a more decent human being: [Read more...]

Christian Right Group Tells School to Call ACLU’s Bluff

During the recent graduation ceremony at Montana State University – Northern, a pastor walked on stage and made several references to Jesus Christ. Elizabeth Griffing, Legal Director at the ACLU of Montana, sent school officials a letter (PDF) explaining what they needed to do: Makes sense, considering it was obviously illegal. So what did the [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard in North Carolina Vandalized Within a Week

Remember the billboard that the North Carolina Secular Association put up along the Billy Graham Parkway this past week? Yeah… well, it’s already been vandalized: That was fast. What are they trying to do? Imitate Congress from 1954? (*cue rim shot*) As one blogger writes: I can’t wrap my head around this. What is so [Read More...]

“One Nation, Indivisible” Billboard Comes to Florida

Remember the billboard that recently went up on Bill Graham Parkway, courtesy of the North Carolina Secular Association? Five similar versions are also going up in Lakeland, Florida, courtesy of the Atheists of Florida: They got some press from the local FOX affiliate: Kieffer and EllenBeth Wachs, director of the organization’s Lakeland chapter, say the [Read More...]

Great Press for Camp Quest

The Columbus Dispatch has an excellent article about Camp Quest, the summer camp for children of atheist parents: The camp director’s housekeeping lecture met the usual disinterest from the dining hall full of sweaty, bug-bitten kids. … But August Brunsman finished his cleaning directive with a so-subtle-the-kids-probably-missed-it pun that made clear that Camp Quest is [Read More...]