Jesus Website Gets Pwned

Christian groups all across Australia have come together to start a project called “Jesus. All about Life.” The ‘Jesus. All about Life’ (JAAL) campaign seeks to display the value of communicating via the media, in particular through film and television. In doing this it will bring an awareness of who Jesus is and what he [Read More...]

How Many Crosses Does a Family Need…?

Jim Jeffcoat used to play for the Dallas Cowboys in the era when they won Super Bowls. His son Jackson will play college football next year. USA Today ran a profile of their family. The article doesn’t mention religion. It just focuses on how the dad is a great role model in the family. But [Read More...]

Did Ken Ham Get Something Right?

You know how the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham is usually full of crap? Every soundbyte coming out of him tends to deserve a refutation. But, I gotta say, he was at least in the ballpark of sanity this one time. Might as well document it. Ham was asked why the Creation movie about Charles Darwin [Read More...]

A Request to Readers

A couple months ago, the number of hits to this site began to go up dramatically. It’s happened before in spurts but never this much without any sign of tapering off. I’m not complaining. In fact, it’s very exciting. But there is one down side to it. This site has no corporate overlords to pay [Read More...]

I’d See This Movie

It looks awesome: (via Comic Blasphemy) [Read more...]