What, We Can’t Be Handsome Atheists?

Joel got a note from his grandmother. (A damn near illegible note.) She cannot believe he’s an atheist: Dear Joel, I have heard that you say you’re an athesis [sic]. I don’t believe that because you have so many Christian qualities. You are honest, loyal, kind and giving — not to mention handsome and extremely [Read More...]

CBS’s Tim Tebow Mistake

Mike Celizic of NBCSports.com can’t believe CBS is allowing the Tim Tebow/anti-abortion ad to air during the Super Bowl next weekend: … Focus on the Family can run its ad because everyone likes Tim Tebow, and the anti-choice agenda is buried underneath the feel-good story of the kid who wasn’t supposed to be born but [Read More...]

Proposing Public Prayer in Albany

It’s bad enough that some school and governments have moments of silence parading as prayer. It’s even worse when someone takes a moment of silence and tries to officially make it a time for prayer. That’s what Councilman Anton Konev is trying to do in Albany, New York: Newly elected Councilman Anton Konev, sworn in [Read More...]

Islam Is…

The Google is now working again. Censoring that search was a bad idea. It’s good to see Google fixing that mistake. [Read more...]

Can This Be the SafePan Mascot?

SafePan is a cooking pan made without the “non-stick coatings made from toxic chemicals”: In light of recent findings on potential hazards of PFOA and PTFE (chemicals used to make conventional non-stick coatings) to our health and to our environment, SafePan has totally committed ourselves in making the best Eco-Friendly non-stick pans that are both [Read More...]