What Did Laurie Higgins Do This Time?

I’ve been spending 8 hours a day, every day this week, at a seminar so that I am prepared to teach Advanced Placement Statistics to my math students next year. Imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I sat in my seat, checked my email, and saw a message from my BFF Laurie Higgins! Subject line: [Read More...]

Welcome to Church… No Questions Allowed

David Hayward takes us on a visit to a Christian church: My own experience is that questions aren’t welcomed and are actually considered dangerous. It’s okay to have questions, as long as you keep them to yourself. Once they escape your keyboard, your pen or your mouth, all havoc breaks loose. You will pay the [Read More...]

Updates on LGBT Heroes

A couple stories from the LGBT world. Constance McMillen, the girl whose school canceled prom rather than allow her to attend with her girlfriend, will appear at the White House today to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. I hadn’t heard this part of her story before, but it looks like Itawamba County Area High School had [Read More...]

Christian/Atheist Dialogue in Chicago Tonight

For those of you in Chicago, I’ll be doing a Christian/atheist dialogue with the good people at Elements[Chicago] tonight. It’ll be a chance for Christians and atheists to ask questions about faith — via moderator — to me and a Christian from their side. It’s not a debate; it’s a conversation. Fun! The details: Where: [Read More...]

Muhammad Believed in… What?

The Exploring Islam Foundation has put up a series of “Inspired by Muhammad” ads on buses in London. Because when you think Muhammad, obviously the first things that come to mind are social justice, women’s rights, and the environment… (Women’s rights? Really?! The woman saying that is wearing a hijab, something that many Islamic women [Read More...]