Creationist Horror Movie

I have a feeling this movie would still be more accurate than Ben Stein‘s Expelled. (via SMBC) [Read more...]

Friend or Foe 2009

Guess where the Christian Right doesn’t want you to shop this year? Anywhere that uses the word “holiday” in lieu of “Christmas” in their advertising, of course. Liberty Counsel has released its 7th annual “Naughty & Nice list” (PDF) This year, don’t you dare shop at Office Depot: Web site: “Christmas” search only produced “Holiday” [Read More...]

That Baby Doesn’t Accept Evolution!

That’s the problem with babies. They may be born atheists, but they are also born not believing in the theory of evolution. Keith Lowell Jensen explains at the 0:20 mark. He’s joking but I actually like the line. We are born without belief in God; that belief has to be drilled into us. If no [Read More...]

Should a Military Atheist Say the Pledge of Allegiance on Veteran’s Day?

I received an email from an “atheist in a foxhole” recently. He’s a teacher in a very religious, conservative part of Texas. (Yes, I know. Who knew there were any other parts of Texas?) He has a dilemma, though, and he’d like some input: Our school, as part of a Veteran’s Day celebration, has asked [Read More...]

Rooftop Religion

Reader Matt sent over a couple pictures of neighboring houses in Peterborough, Ontario. The first one wouldn’t be all that uncommon in parts of the Bible Belt, I would think: The second one is a little more unique and amusing I don’t know if they collaborated on that or if they’re passive-aggressively feuding with each [Read More...]