A Children’s Book for Atheists?

I know we’re not fans of labeling children with any particular religion, but I kinda want to read Crispian Jago‘s story to a little kid… The full story can be read here (via Science, Reason and Critical Thinking) [Read more...]

My Weekend at Dragon*Con

(Hemant’s note: This is a guest post by JulietEcho. She has been the fantastic admin for the Friendly Atheist forums for over two and a half years!) … Over the past weekend, I attended Dragon*Con in Atlanta, along with over 30,000 other sci-fi and fantasy fans. Some came for the costumes, some came for the [Read More...]

Update on Loudoun County Holiday Displays

Last we heard, the Virginia Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, was weighing in on whether Loudoun County should allow all religious displays on government property or none at all: … it is my opinion that a local governmental entity is never categorically compelled to prohibit holiday displays, including those incorporating recognizably religious symbols, because governments enjoy [Read More...]

Did Religious Groups Do Enough After 9/11 to Heal the Nation?

I’ve heard from some friends that it’s an awkwardly worded question, but that’s the jumping-off point for my current Washington Post On Faith column. An excerpt is below: Have Muslims done enough to heal this nation? As a whole, no. There’s no doubt in my mind that Muslims in America are good citizens who have [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Parents Let Teen Atheist Read Only Christian Books

Dear Richard, I am a 14 year old. At the age of around 12 I told my parents that I was an agnostic atheist. They were quite repulsed at first, as they saw atheism as a form of baby eating cult. I have slowly given them a more realistic approach to atheism over the years, [Read More...]