J.C. For President!

This presidential election may just turn into a three-horse race.  You thought we were just down to Barry and Mittens?  Oh no, friend. Not if Bill Keller and his site VotingForJesus.com have anything to say about it!  They’re “taking a stand and say[ing] ‘no’ to Satan this November!!!” Don’t believe them?  How could you not? They have [Read More…]

What is Atheism Up Against? This Video Will Tell you

I can’t figure out why, but I watched this entire video by Jonrae Wan. And I was thoroughly entertained: Also, I like his new shirt. [Read more…]

God’s ‘Perfect’ Justice

NonStampCollector talks about the warped logic of God’s Perfect Justice: The pictures in the last 1:30 are pretty disturbing… [Read more…]

Christian Group Is Freaking Out Because Young People Are Questioning Their Faith

You know that Pew Research Center chart showing that Millennials are doubting their faith more now than ever before? Micah Clark, writing for the Illinois Family Institute, is flipping out: There is a new poll out that ought to be a call to action for every pastor and patriotic American. Because, you can’t be patriotic [Read More…]

Matt Harding is Dancing Again!

Matt Harding is best known for his YouTube videos in which he dances with people from around the world. He just released his latest one! Watch it and it’ll make your day that much better: Oh. And Matt’s a Humanist [Read more…]