No Wonder Your Prayers Don’t Work

You’ve been doing them wrong this whole time: That tidbit is courtesy of the Spiritual Research Foundation — an oxymoronic name akin to Creation Science. There are plenty more images where that one came from… they become funnier (or scarier) when you realize some people take them seriously: There’s an entire page devoted to “Spiritual [Read More...]

Illinois Civil Unions Bill Delayed Again

There is legislation in flux in the Illinois General Assembly that would extend equal rights to GLBT people. It’s HB2234 — the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act: [HB2234] [d]efines “civil union” as a legal relationship between 2 persons, of either the same or opposite sex, established in accordance with the Act. Provides [Read More...]

Can You Help This College-Bound Atheist?

Reader Jesika is an atheist who will be starting college next year. She has a question about courses that some of you may be able to help with: … My question is that I am about to go to college and I was just wondering if any universities offered courses for atheists. I want my [Read More...]

The Enjoy Your Life Campaign

Phase 1 of the Atheist Bus Campaign was letting the world know we’re here (and we have impressive numbers!). Phase 2 could be considered letting the world know we can be good without a god — and it’s courtesy of the Freethought Association of Canada: The Freethought Association of Canada will be looking for donations [Read More...]

Atheist Teacher vs. Christian Student

Last week, California teacher Jim Corbett lost his case against student Chad Farnan. Farnan had accused his history teacher of make anti-Christian comments during class and the court agreed. Based on the lawsuit and the comments I’d read Corbett had made, I wasn’t siding with the teacher (though I agreed with what he said). I [Read More...]