Prisoner Wants Non-Bible-Thumping Cellmate

A prisoner is making news because he wants a new cellmate. His current one won’t “shut up about God.” In a letter to an inmates’ magazine, [Steven] Relf wrote: “I recently had the displeasure of sharing a cell with a Bible-thumping believer.” A source said Relf was “furious” at having to share at Manchester Prison [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Becomes Minister to Support His Family

Note: When letter writers sign with their first names instead of a pseudonym or nickname, I randomly change their name for added anonymity. Dear Richard, Hi. I frequently read your advice through the Friendly Atheist blog and would like to thank you for all your thoughtful insights. I am writing to you to see if [Read More...]

Unitarian Minister Interviews Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is speaking tonight in Portland, Oregon, and as an appetizer before the main course, he did an interview with Unitarian minister Marilyn Sewell. There’s audio available as well as a transcript. There are some great excerpts from the interview, made even better by the idea that it’s not a “traditional” Christian who is [Read More...]

Can an Atheist Unity Convention Happen?

Activist Margaret Downey has (once again) proposed the idea of a Unity Convention — one massive convention for atheists that would bring together all the various national organizations. She has brought this idea up a few times now, each time at an annual meeting of the atheist group leaders. That meeting (the 6th of its [Read More...]

Jesus Bruise?

No. That is not Jesus in your bruise. Believe it or not, bruisee Mary Massa is a Christian. Shocking, I know. *sigh* (Thanks to Katelyn for the link!) [Read more...]