Who Still Thinks the Church Has Any Moral Credibility?

Now that a Catholic group has argued in court that a fetus isn’t a person — a belief that contradicts their own stated beliefs but could help them win a lawsuit — we get another chance to see Catholic hypocrisy in action.

Yesterday, the New York TimesFrank Bruni weighed in on the “convenient morality” of the Church: [Read more…]

Chair of Texas Board of Education Wants Science Textbooks to Teach ‘Another Side’ to Evolution

Barbara Cargill, the chair of the State Board of Education in Texas, recently spoke in front of the state’s Senate Committee on Education to complain about CSCOPE, an online curriculum management system.

Her main gripe?

It only teaches one side of the evolution “debate”: [Read more…]

Watch This Pastor Yell at a Member of His Congregation

As a teacher, I know students will talk during class. I can do a lot of things to curb it, but it’s bound to happen. One thing you probably shouldn’t do, though, is draw more attention to it.

That’s what Pastor Larry Smith did recently at the First Baptist Church of Hammond: [Read more…]

North Texas Secular Convention Happening This Weekend

The Second Annual North Texas Secular Convention is taking place this weekend in Dallas — if you’re in the area, consider carving out some time for it: [Read more…]

A Dog Without a Leash

[Read more…]