Congratulations to My Patheos Overlords!

Some exciting news from the home office!, the web’s premier destination for dialogue on religion and spirituality, announced that its site traffic has surpassed 1 million monthly unique visitors. … In just over two years, Patheos has vaulted into the No. 3 position globally among websites focused on discussion of religion and spirituality. An [Read More...]

Help Out Victims of an Apartment Fire in Boystown

While the East Coast was dealing with Hurricane Irene over the weekend, there was an apartment fire not far from me in Boystown (the “gay neighborhood” in Chicago). A lot of people are homeless right now (thankfully, though, it doesn’t look like any lives were lost). About 100 people were displaced by the blaze, since [Read More...]

Atheist Bus Ads Go Up in Spokane, Washington

This is the ad that just went up on 11 buses in Spokane, Washington, just in time for the Spokane County Interstate Fair: The Spokane Coalition of Reason put up the ad (thanks to the United Coalition of Reason footing the $4,516 bill). Reaching out to the like minded isn’t the only goal of the [Read More...]

Reading a Christian Apologetics Book After Becoming an Atheist

Coming out as an atheist to her family provoked an unsurprising response from reader Amanda‘s mother: My husband and I came out to our respective families two weeks ago (Yay! No more needless pressure to pretend anymore! No more paranoia over what their reactions would be!) and my mom very sternly suggested that I read [Read More...]

Church Parking for Atheists

Reader Nic shares this story (via email) about how Christians seem to get special parking privileges in Philadelphia: I used to live just two blocks from Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, and I remember how the streets would fill with cars on Sunday mornings, all of them conspicuously parked in areas that would otherwise be [Read More...]