Can an Atheist Forgive People After They Die?

On PostSecret this past weekend, the following card appeared: One reader wrote in to say: I didn’t forgive him for his sake, but to set myself free. And it worked. How would you get over something as tragic as that? (Thanks to Greta Christina for the link) [Read more...]

Man Killed because He Didn’t Want to Watch Gospel Show

Even if you’re not a soccer fan, when the World Cup is being played in your home country and the games are on TV, it’s pretty damn fun to watch. Definitely better than watching a religious program on TV. 61-year-old David Makoeya felt that way during the recent Germany/Australia match. He wanted to watch the [Read More...]

Penn Jillette on Catholics, Muhammad, and Glenn Beck

Penn Jillette has a number of choice quotes in an interview with Eric Spitznagel of Vanity Fair: … there was that ad in Variety from the Catholic League accusing you of “hate speech.” Well remember, the Catholic League is just one divorced guy in his garage. Or as Teller and I like to say, the [Read More...]

Obama’s Use of Prayer to Solve the BP Oil Spill Disaster

The other night, President Obama gave his address about the BP oil disaster in the Oval Office. (Personally, Rachel Maddow‘s version is way better) Obama mentioned God and prayer way more than the “obligatory” amount: Somehow this became an important topic for the FOX News Channel hosts and Newt Gingrich: Brian Kilmeade: Alright, Mr. Speaker, [Read More...]

All This Anger because of Two Atheists?

Remember how the Secular Student Alliance was represented at a meeting of the White House’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships a couple weeks ago? The topic was Advancing Interfaith and Community Service on College and University Campuses. SSA’s Executive Director August Brunsman and Harvard’s Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein were there on behalf of the [Read More...]