Indiana’s Republican Senate Candidate: Your Rape Was a Part of God’s Plan

Republican candidates should have this figured out by now: When someone asks them about rape, even if they’re pro-life, they should say “Rape bad. Jobs good.”

No one told Richard Mourdock the strategy. Instead, Todd Akin must have slipped him a page from his own playbook. [Read more…]

New York Times Editorial Sides Against Kountze Christian Cheerleaders

The New York Times had two pieces yesterday about the Kountze High School cheerleaders and their Bible-promoting banners. [Read more…]

Jon Lajoie Is Paid To Oppose Marriage Equality. Nails It.

Besides being a really funny video, it contains my favorite hypothetical description of Jesus of all time. I would transcribe it for you, but there is absolutely no way it can be done justice by writing it down. [Read more…]

If the Rest of the World Elected the American President, Obama Would Win in a Landslide

Interesting poll results from a poll jointly conducted by GlobeScan and PIPA (Program on International Policy Attitudes), two international polling groups.

Turns out most of the world would like President Obama to win the election. [Read more…]

Our Night at an ‘Unpacking Atheism’ Simulcast Run By Christian Apologists

When one of the members of the Humanists, Atheists, and Agnostics of Manitoba discovered that a local Winnipeg church was going to host this broadcast, we just had to get a group together and check it out. These guys sounded like they were running scared! What were they more afraid of: Loss of numbers or loss of revenue? Maybe loss of influence and privilege? [Read more…]