One Atheist Wins; Other Atheists Lose

I don’t know how this horse-betting stuff works… But if you bet on the horse named Atheist at the Arlington Park Racetrack yesterday, you would’ve won some money: (via The Invisible Pink Unicorn) … Meanwhile, you may have heard of the campaign to put the following message on the side of UK buses: The sign [Read More...]

The Book of Leviticus Explains the Rules for Riding Shotgun

I can’t seem to find the following in my copies of the Bible… but it’s on the Internets, so it has to be true: … 2 The owner of the vehicle shall always be the pilot, unless leprosy hath taken his legs. The pilot must always wear a safety girdle. 3 He who wishes to [Read More...]

A Child Gets Debaptised

I spent yesterday in Westerville, Ohio at the Atheist Coming Out Party. It was a blast. I didn’t think I would say this… but I really enjoyed the atheist debaptism ceremony More pics and videos of the event will be up on this site tomorrow. (Including one video that will no doubt put the Catholic [Read More...]

Question About the Google

Someone out here must know the answer to this… The Secular Student Alliance has a website: Recently, we purchased a few additional domain names: If you go to any of those four links, you’ll see it does not redirect to the original site. Instead, they go to separate URLS [Read More...]

If You Live In Edinburgh…

Comedian Jamie Kilstein is currently debuting his new one-man show in Edinburgh at The GRV! The show is called There is no God and that’s okay. I can’t wait to see it! (Jamie will be recording a CD of the show in Chicago this September.) For the overseas readers, all the ticket information is here. [Read More...]