Are Atheists Getting a Free Pass from the Media?

The (Christian) Media Research Center’s Culture and Media Institute thinks so. They say that the news media (in 2007) did not “subject atheism or atheists to the same skepticism to which they subject Christians and Christianity.” According to their findings: Eighty percent of feature stories about atheism or atheists had a positive tone, 20 percent [Read More...]

Atheist Party in Chicago is Only Four Days Away!

The Guitar Hero room is calling your name. The party is this Saturday night around 8:00 p.m. at Whiskey Road in downtown Chicago. Consider this party an alternative for those of you not attending the American Atheists convention in Minnesota that same weekend. More information is all over the place. You better be coming! [tags]atheist, [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist Contest #21: New Catholic Sins

Last week, I ran this contest: What other “sins” will the Catholic Church condemn? Here are the Top 5 responses (with submitters)! 5| Back sassin’ His Holiness. (Renacier) 4| Emoticons. … The emoticon is another symptom of the degradation and increasing secularism of society. It is beneath God, and it is beneath his faithful. (Brett) [Read More...]

Atheists Shouldn’t Raise Atheist Children

How many Christians (or other religious) parents do you think would be able to say what Nica Lalli writes in an op-ed piece for USA Today? I may be raising my kids outside organized religion, but I am not raising them to be ignorant of religion any more than I am raising them to be [Read More...]

For Those Who Want to Buy Muslim Swag…

You have your choice of this: Or this: The first one’s a joke (via My Confined Space) The second one — Kurt Westergaard‘s famous Mohammed cartoon that made radical Muslims throw violent hissy fits around the world — is up for auction: It could command great interest at auction. Auction houses, however, were voicing doubts [Read More...]