Atheists Come Out for City Cleanup in Vinton, Iowa

After recent storms devastated the city of Vinton, Iowa, guess where the volunteers for the cleanup effort are coming from? A [University of Northern Iowa] student group, the UNI Freethinkers and Inquirers (UNIFI), will be traveling to volunteer in the city cleanup on Saturday, July 23, 2011. The students will be meeting up with local [Read More...]

Hindu Diners Should Drop Lawsuit Against Indian Restaurant That Accidentally Served Them Meat

I’m vegetarian. And I love Taco Bell. And this is a conversation I’ve honestly had at the drive-thru: Me: I’d like a BEAN burrito. Taco Bell Guy: Anything else? Me: A Mexican Pizza… but with BEANS instead of beef. Taco Bell Guy: Anything else? Me: An order of cinnamon twists. Taco Bell Guy: You want [Read More...]

Dexter vs a Religious Killer

I don’t watch Dexter, but reader Derek points me to the Showtime trailer for Season 6, in which Dexter encounters a man who killed his own wife. The man has a Jesus tattoo on his chest. How does he reconcile the tattoo with his crime? “God forgives us… You cannot kill me, because God is [Read More...]

Every Atheist vs Theist Debate in a Nutshell

The Blonde Nonbeliever offers a synopsis of just about every conversation between a theist and atheist… featuring Homer Simpson as the theist: Atheist hints at nonbelief during some random conversation. Theist picks up on it, smells an opportunity, and bites. Theist, with a kind, approachable smile, gently inquires about Atheist’s beliefs. Atheist either dodges and [Read More...]

Results from the Ideological Turing Test

Remember that Ideological Turing Test I posted about a couple weeks ago? Leah at Unequally Yoked asked a group of 15 people (a mix of Christians and atheists) to answer a number of questions about god and religion. It was up to readers to decide which was which. Could we figure out which answers were [Read More...]