Atheist in the Maldives Kills Himself

When one man in the Maldives confessed that he was no longer a Muslim, all hell broke loose. That’s what you would expect in a country that requires its citizens to be Sunni Muslims. That man, Mohamed Nazim, eventually recanted. Of course, he was still a Muslim. That’s what it took to stay alive. Ismail [Read More...]

Yay, Feminism! Boo, Feminism…

Who do you think gave this nod to feminism in an interview? Feminism certainly addressed problems that needed to be addressed. Before the late 1960s, when the women’s movement came into full force, women were treated like sex objects, and there was not equal pay for equal work. There’s now a level of respect for [Read More...]

When They Pray For You

by Jesse Galef – How do you feel when people say they’re praying for you? I’m not talking about them praying for you to “find your way” (which I find rather condescending) but the times they genuinely care about your well-being and think their prayers will help. Two days ago, Rev. Robert Barron wrote a [Read More...]

City Council Prayers Cause Trouble

A number of city councils are heading for disaster. I swear, all these problems would stop if local mayors just did away with pre-meeting prayers… but they won’t. They get off on pushing their personal faith. It’s one thing when only atheists oppose them. But when you have a minister against them, shouldn’t that be [Read More...]

For the Weekend Stalkers

I’m doing a couple events this weekend for those who might be interested. On Saturday, I’ll be in Des Moines speaking at the Iowa Secularists Conference. There will be entertainment. And there will be Math. You’ve been warned. On Sunday night, I’ll be at the Evangelical Free Church in Bloomington, IL to do an atheist/Christian [Read More...]