South Portland Mayor Asks Secular Humanist to Deliver Invocation

The new mayor of South Portland, Maine is Tom Coward, and one of his first duties was to decide who would deliver the invocation at the ceremony in which other new city officials would be inaugurated. He made a surprising (and welcome) pick: Andrew Lovley, a college senior who founded the Southern Maine Association of [Read More...]

Santa Praying Over Jesus?

I’m no Bible expert, but I don’t remember the verse where Santa kneels in prayer over the baby Jesus…: North Carolina. Need I say more? (Thanks to Bella for the link!) [Read more...]

Theft and Trust

by Jesse Galef – Someone tried to rob me last night. I was on Metro and had just struck up a conversation with some strangers when we arrived at a stop and the doors opened. Someone walking by jumped in, snatched my iPod from my hands, and started running away. I chased and caught him, [Read More...]

Are There Any Big-Name Christians You Would Mourn?

Oral Roberts died a couple days ago. Atheists had quiet a bit to say about him. The criticism is deserving — Roberts was a fraud and a liar. For evidence, look no further than a 1987 article from Christianity Today: This time, according to Roberts, God is taking the initiative. Roberts has stated in a [Read More...]

Joseph and Mary, Lying in a Bed…

A billboard about religion is causing controversy and, this time, atheists have nothing to do with it: This billboard went up in New Zealand, courtesy of the St Matthew-in-the-City church. They say they put it up to encourage dialogue with non-believers. I’m not sure how that billboard is going to make me believe the Bible, [Read More...]