The Religious Antagonist Goes Mormon

My old nickname for Mike Lee, the religiousantagonist, was “Dammit Mike.” My new one is “The Johnny Knoxville of atheism.” That’ll make more sense after you see this video, featuring the aftermath of his “conversion” to Mormonism. There’s the part where he apologizes to people on behalf of the Mormon church for offending them (I [Read More...]

A Couples Retreat… Minus Half the Couple

First Baptist Church made a video recapping a recent married couples’ retreat. They asked the couples to share their experiences and urge others to attend the retreat in the future. Nice video. But I just don’t get the feeling like I’m hearing from everyone…: Wow. By the third couple, it’s kind of funny… by the [Read More...]

I’m Coming to Baltimore

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be speaking at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County! The details: Where: LH2 – Meyerhoff Chemistry Building When: Wednesday, March 30th at 7:00p Cost: Free! Sponsors: UMBC Secular Student Alliance Secret word: Mambo. Hope to see you there! And while we’re at it, it’s my first time coming to [Read More...]

Vax Your Bracket

If you’re planning to fill out an NCAA tournament bracket this week, consider Vaxing Your Bracket! 1. Go to your PayPal account and send $10.00 to (Note: PayPal may charge you a fee of $0.56) 2. In the message section, please give us the email you will be using to join the Pool. 3. [Read More...]

I Want to Take This Class

Even though I love Math and Biology, none of my college classes were all that great. I just sort of came and went. My grades were fine, but I probably learned more from reading books on my own and having discussions with friends than from any textbook or professor. The Political Science and Philosophy students [Read More...]