Book Review: Freethunk! by Jeff Swenson

You may have seen Jeff Swenson‘s cartoon work in Humanist Network News. Most notably, he’s the guy responsible for this (NSFW) cartoon, which also inspired a radio play. But his body of work is extensive and he’s put together a collection of his best freethought-related cartoons from the past several years in Freethunk!. Here are [Read More...]

My Students Reflect on Their Year in My Math Class

On the last day of classes this year, I gave my math students a brief questionnaire. It was a self-reflection for me, where I essentially asked them what they thought of me (especially since I was a first year teacher) and how they liked/disliked our class. I told them I wouldn’t take a look at [Read More...]

The Tim Russert “Miracles”

Christopher Hitchens quickly dispenses with those annoying remarks about “miracles” happening during the coverage of Tim Russert‘s death: John McCain and Barack Obama sitting next to each other, Bruce Springsteen playing a song in memory of Russert, and the freakin’ rainbow that appeared after the funeral. … I think this media myth-making, however tongue-in-cheek some [Read More...]

Update on Ted Haggard

You know how you’ve been wondering for months now what sex-scandalized former pastor Ted Haggard has been up to? No? Just me? Mkay. Well. He’s back in Colorado Springs after voluntarily exiling himself and his family in Phoenix for the past year where he spent time in a “spiritual restoration” program. He says he finished [Read More...]

At the Intersection of…

Jessica Hagy offers this: (via Indexed) [tags]atheist, atheism. George Carlin[/tags] [Read more...]