Ask Richard: Atheist 8th Grader Wants to Confide to Someone in the Family

Update: The letter writer has written a follow-up letter four years later. Dear Richard, I’m in 8th grade and have been “officially” Atheist since the beginning of 7th grade. I think I’ve been subconsciously Atheist since about third grade, though. It was then that I started thinking “How do I know this is true and [Read More...]

ARIS’s ‘American Nones’ and Politics

There are a few interesting thoughts to take from the new ARIS study on American “Nones” (people who aren’t affiliated with a particular religion*).  PZ Myers raised a point, and Hemant is posting his take a little later in the day.  I’ll try not to step on his toes, and focus on chart I found [Read More...]

A Pathetic Response to FFRF’s Memphis Challenge

Marilyn Loeffel of the Memphis Commercial Appeal doesn’t like the fact that the Freedom From Religion Foundation is trying to stop the Memphis City Council from opening sessions with prayer. And she uses her brilliant insight to tell us why FFRF is wrong: A group in Wisconsin is interfering with our lifestyle down here in [Read More...]

Can the Atheist Blogosphere Hold a Candle to the Bestselling Atheist Authors?

Yesterday, I posted a review of Victor Stenger‘s new book The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason (Prometheus Books). As much as I liked it, I had one particular problem with the book: There is also no mention at all of the atheist blogosphere — even PZ Myers gets short-shrifted. I’m not [Read More...]

We Need More Politicians Like Him

President Barack Obama is a bleeding-heart conservative when compared to politicians like former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The late Trudeau was an inaugural inductee into the new Queer Hall of Fame. The former prime minister was a key figure in decriminalizing homosexuality and his famous partial quote — “there’s no place for the state [Read More...]