Nuts and Bolts: An Illusion by Jerry Andrus

Jerry Andrus was an American magician who created a lot of terrific optical illusions in his day. I met a guy named Rex Young at The Amazing Meeting 8 who demonstrated a few of Andrus’ illusions to me. This one in particular was really amazing to look at: For more videos and illusions like this, [Read More...]

Humanist Association of Ottawa Educates Psychic-Visiting Crowd

Last week, the Humanist Association of Ottawa found out that there was an event in their community that they really needed to attend — “The Psychic Experience” with Matthew Stapley. Basically, Stapley was going to perform cold readings (a la John Edward). So the Humanists decided to take action. We were armed with pamphlets from [Read More...]

Interview with David Javerbaum, Former Executive Producer of The Daily Show

One of the personal highlights for me at The Amazing Meeting was the chance to interview David Javerbaum, the former head writer and executive producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He was one of the lead authors of America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction and the sole author of What [Read More...]

University of Illinois Professor Fired for Being Anti-Gay

My mind is being blown. The Illinois Family Institute and several atheists are on the same side of a controversial issue. The issue is that Dr. Kenneth Howell, a professor at the University of Illinois, taught a class on Catholicism. He’s Catholic himself, but that’s irrelevant. He sent out an email to students in his [Read More...]

To Be or Not to Be… a Dick

One of the most discussed issues from The Amazing Meeting this past weekend was Phil Plait‘s talk about how we treat people who disagree with us. In essence, “Don’t Be a Dick.” Here’s the gist of it: Phil says (and I agree) most of us believed in something ridiculous at one point or another — [Read More...]