Nampa Classical Academy Still Receiving Warnings About Bible Usage

The Nampa Classical Academy, a charter school in Idaho, is still under fire for using religious texts as the primary sources for teaching material. They’ve already received five separate warnings from the state charter commission. The charter commission outlined the allegations for the most recent reprimand. The commission says the school has a shelf of [Read More...]

Speaking at a Christian Conference

This finally went up on their website so I feel comfortable announcing it. Ashley Paramore and some guy named Hermant are speaking at the (Christian) Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh this February. We’ll be participating in a panel discussion between Christians and atheists. (I apologize in advance for the music playing in the background of the [Read More...]

Georgia Town Debates Saying No to “So Help Me God”

A couple days ago, I heard about how city council members in Marietta, Georgia were debating whether or not to remove the phrase “so help me God” from the oath new police officers take. It’s a good move, of course, but it wasn’t a welcome one for city officials: Councilman Van Pearlberg floated changing the [Read More...]

The Christian Right Knows Why Will Phillips Doesn’t Stand for the Pledge

I now know why 10-year-old Will Phillips isn’t standing for the Pledge of Allegiance. I have Matt Barber of the Christian Right group Liberty Counsel to thank for explaining why Will’s explanation — that we don’t have “justice for all” when it comes to the LGBT community — doesn’t make any sense: [Barber] believes the [Read More...]

A Watered-Down Christianity in Sweden

Sweden isn’t a very religious country — while a majority of people may belong to the Church of Sweden, that says little about how many people have actual “faith.” It works that way in a number of European countries. Reader Patrik lives in Sweden and he emailed me about what life is like for an [Read More...]