Jesus’ Bar Mitzvah

I help coach the Speech Team (a.k.a. Forensics Team) at my high school. It’s very competitive. There are hundreds of people all across Illinois vying to become state champion in each of the 13 different events. Sectionals is this weekend, and hopefully, we’ll be sending a number of kids to the State finals next weekend. [Read More...]

Register for the Humanist World Congress

The International Humanist and Ethical Union will be hosting the 17th Humanist World Congress in Washington, D.C. June 5-8. This event will be in conjunction with both the American Humanist Association‘s and the Secular Student Alliance‘s 2008 conventions. Each organization will hold their own breakout sessions, while coming together for bigger speakers and larger events. [Read More...]

Ben Stein and Expelled

Hehe This made me laugh: The movie is coming out soon… (via Bay of Fundie) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Teen Kicked Out of Class for Not Standing During Pledge

Devon Smith (below), a sophomore at Spring Valley High School in Las Vegas, didn’t recite or stand for the Pledge of Allegiance on Monday morning. This is perfectly acceptable. A lot of atheists don’t say/stand for the Pledge because of its reference to America being a nation “under God.” Devon’s teacher, Susan Rheinwald, didn’t see [Read More...]

Ted Haggard Leaves De-Gayification Program

The last time we heard from “ex-gay” pastor Ted Haggard, he needed money. He’s indirectly back in the news. The man who took over Haggard’s role as senior pastor at New Life Church, Brady Boyd, sent out this press release to friends of the church (emphasis mine): Brady Boyd Senior Pastor New Life Church Colorado [Read More...]