The Secular Coalition for America’s Briefing with the Obama Administration

Occasionally, certain groups will get briefed by the White House on issues relating to their interests. This happens for environmental groups, health groups, and even religious groups. But never an atheist group… until tomorrow. Friday morning, surrounded by representatives from various national atheist organizations as part of the Secular Coalition for America, we will be [Read More...]

My Birthday Wish

Today, I turn 27. (Though I’m told that’s not a special enough birthday to celebrate.) Too bad. I’m planning on making the most of it! It turns out the Secular Student Alliance is growing faster than ever before. Less than a year ago, we had 150 affiliates. At the moment, we have 213. It’s astonishing [Read More...]

Sam Harris Tweets

Sam Harris is now on Twitter. He’s been on there for less than a day and already has more friends than you. How does that make you feel? (P.S. His new book will be called The Moral Landscape: How science can determine human values. It hits the shelves October 5th.) [Read more...]

What I Learned at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Therapy Program

A couple months ago, I wrote about Ted Cox: An atheist, Ted Cox, spent the past two years going undercover as a gay man undergoing gay-to-straight therapy programs run by Christian groups (as if there were any other kind). What he found was precisely what you would think: These programs do nothing to “convert” you [Read More...]

New Zealand Atheist Bus Ads Rejected; Atheists Fight Back

There was a time when you could expect to see atheist bus ads in New Zealand. Atheists had raised tens of thousands of dollars and everything was going as planned. Now, the company NZ Bus — which had tentatively approved the ad — has said they will not accept it. Apparently, that phrase is too [Read More...]