Is There a Better Word?

What do you do when saying “I accept evolution” doesn’t convey the overwhelming weight of the evidence to support it? You can read the punchline here, by the way. … Every high school science teacher should just put the same question at the end of every test, regardless of the chapter: “In the scientific community, [Read More...]

The First Couple Wasn’t Adam and Eve…

Myq Kaplan is one of the smartest comedians you’ll hear and he appeared on Conan last night. The whole clip is awesome, but around the 2:23 mark in the clip below, he gets into some hilarious material about homosexuality and the Bible You can read my interview with Myq from just after his run on [Read More...]

New Orleans Pastor Used Large Chunk of $250,000 Katrina Relief Money to Help Himself

I’ll set you up: A church near New Orleans was given $250,000 to help build “low-income housing for recovering addicts.” Take a wiiiiiild guess how this story ends. Yep! You’re right. Not all the money was used for the intended purpose! In fact, most of it went right back into the church itself. And into [Read More...]

You Can Lead a Creationist to Water…

Peter Boghossian, a philosophy professor at Portland State University, was faced with a dilemma recently when a student in his “Science and Pseudoscience” class wrote this on her final exam: “I wrote what I had [to] to ‘agree’ with what was said in class, but in truth I believe ABSOLUTELY that there is an amazing, [Read More...]

Bible Reading and Social Progressivism

This post is from Mike Clawson, the occasional Christian contributor here at Friendly Atheist. I just wanted to highlight for you all an interesting article in the Huffington Post: Frequent Bible Reading Tied to Social Justice, Openness to Science. Aaron Franzen, a recent graduate from Baylor’s Masters program in sociology (I’m personally pursuing a PhD [Read More...]