Indiana Freethought

Atheists in Indiana? Never! But they exist… (shocking, I know). Freethought Fort Wayne is an affiliate of the Center for Inquiry. There’s now also a collective blog with meeting information and more. Any other state or city atheist groups hovering around somewhere in the blogosphere? (Thanks to Jeremy for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Clearing Up the Organ Donation Myth responds to the idiotic urban legend that, if you’re an organ donor, doctors won’t do everything they can to save your life. Here are a couple examples of the donation myth: I heard that having the pink organ donor ticket on your driver license will cause the Paramedics to allow you to die in [Read More...]

Why Don’t Christians Go After Hindus?

Christians often ask atheists why they single out Christianity when discussing faith. My answer is that it’s the most prevalent religion in America. If I lived in another country, my answer might be different. A poster on (the best of) Craigslist asks why Christians “ignore all other brands of non-Christians“: Rather, it is the non-belief [Read More...]

Yes You Have…

Ray Comfort said it. Not me. … an atheist… once wrote me a stinging email, saying that if I really believed in Hell and that I had found everlasting life, I would be running around the streets pleading with people. I wrote back and told him that that is exactly what I do. I have [Read More...]

The Atheist Influence

It’s easy to argue atheists can’t make a real difference in the world because we’re a relatively small group of people. But it’s also easy to refute that argument. The website Christian Cross Talk says we have tremendous influence! In fact, Edward Gordon says we’re responsible for future genocide, civil war, and mass extinction. And [Read More...]