Schoolchildren and Local Officials Promote Christianity at Lighting Ceremony in Arizona’s ‘Christmas City’

The city of Prescott, Arizona appears to have an official religion: Christianity. [Read more…]

Edward Tarte Celebrates Christmas (Part 1 of 2)

[Link to video] [Read more…]

Volunteer With Secular Events in Chicago!

Are you looking for a way to help your fellow humans?

Are in the Chicagoland area? [Read more…]

BANG!: A Humanist Musical Is Coming to Portland, Oregon

The Center For Inquiry – Portland is doing something novel to celebrate the Winter Solstice: They’re hosting a first-run musical! [Read more…]

Introducing The Queen James Bible

There is now a Gay Bible. It’s a thing.

It is not (as I fervently hoped) a reexamination of the relationships of the twelve disciples. Rather, it’s a sincere re-wording of the anti-gay passages from the King James Bible.

The best part?  It’s called The Queen James Bible. [Read more…]