Why Do Pastors Hire Gay Escorts?

Mike Jones is the former male escort and personal trainer who exposed Ted Haggard‘s hypocrisy years ago. He did an interview for this site a while back. Last week, another pastor, Kevin J. Gray, was found to have embezzled over $1,000,000 from his church to pay for, among other things, male prostitutes. Jones wrote a [Read More...]

FOX News Reacts to the Nightline Segment

Well, after that horrendous Nightline segment aired, you knew FOX News would have something to say about it. They didn’t disappoint. They just took their favorite part of the segment and sensationalized it in the headline: Anyone surprised? R. Joseph Hoffmann didn’t like the Nightline segment, either: My complaint? Bad religion needs better satire. Unbelief [Read More...]

Frisco Atheists Meeting with Pastor

Mark Johnston‘s group in Texas, the Frisco Atheists, runs an interesting series of events: they meet with local pastors to show them that atheists are part of their community. The Frisco Atheists occasionally meet with local pastors to help them to become aware that some of their neighbors are atheists and to give local atheists [Read More...]

Anti-Gay-Marriage Group Couldn’t Find a Happy Family of Their Own?

***Update***: You all were right. I was wrong. I had no idea using stock photography was such an accepted thing. I didn’t want to delete the posting and the comments with it — I thought that would be dishonest — so I’ll just keep it here, with this apology up front. Feel free to disregard [Read More...]

Would Atheists Donate Money to a Peace-Seeking Religious Organization?

Every three months, Foundation Beyond Belief picks charities in nine different categories and encourages atheists to donate money to them. Since we “opened shop” at the beginning of 2010, we’ve raised over $38,000. It’s really incredible the amount of support we’ve received from the Humanist community. This quarter, we asked ourselves a question: Would atheists [Read More...]