Mexican Fiesta Festival Gives Discount to Catholics

Mexican Fiesta has been celebrated in Milwaukee for over 30 years and it took place this past weekend on public grounds. The cost to enter is $13/person… unless you attend Mass… in which case it’s only $5: As you can imagine, the Freedom From Religion Foundation didn’t like the idea that Catholic attendees would get [Read More…]

Local Columnist in Georgia Blasts Proselytizing Public High School Football Coach

Mark Mariakis is the Ridgeland High School (Georgia) football coach who thinks its his job to convert his players to Christianity. It’s not only atheist groups like FFRF trying to put a stop to his illegal actions — leading his team in Christian prayer, putting Bible verses on team shirts, urging players to attend Christian [Read More…]

How the Atheist Movement Failed Me – Part 2: Dealing with Diversity

A few weeks ago, I detailed a specific failure of the organized atheist/secular movement regarding cost and accessibility. This week, I am back with the second and final chapter — See? I don’t have that many complaints! — of specific areas where I have felt that the atheist and secular community have fallen short. Without [Read More…]

Church Can Do That to You…

(via nakedpastor) [Read more…]

Son of Madalyn Murray O’Hair Denounces American Atheists’ Fight Against 9/11 Memorial Cross

William Murray, the super-Christian son of American Atheists founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair, has an article at World Net Daily (I know, I know…) about AA’s fight against the World Trade Center Museum’s 9/11 Cross. And, just as you would expect, it’s evident that Murray has no knowledge of the Constitution. He’s just mad that anyone [Read More…]