Ask Richard: Atheist Resisting Depression is Evangelized by Friend

Dear Richard, Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in danger of becoming depressed again. I recognized the signs early and decided to try to prevent it by forcing myself to get out of the house more often. I told one of my best friends about it, and she is extremely religious. She offered to take [Read More...]

God Hates Graduating Fags, Says Westboro Baptist Church

Put yourself in the shoes of the children and administrators of Itawamba Agricultural High School for a moment. So far, administrators canceled prom so that lesbian student Constance McMillen couldn’t attend. Then, to make it worse, many of the adults and students were in on a prank against Constance in which they sent her to [Read More...]

The Bible Quiz Show

Which contestant wins in a Bible trivia game — with all yes-or-no questions — when both of them are correct…? My favorite bit begins at the 1:55 mark I like the 2:45 mark, too. And 5:27. Hell, it’s all pretty awesome. (via NonStampCollector — Thanks to Tamara for the link!) [Read more...]

Supreme Court Rules that a Cross is Not a Symbol of Christianity

Last October, oral arguments began in front of the Supreme Court in the case of Salazar v. Buono. Today, the decision was announced and it was a disappointing one. I wrote about this before, and I’ll paraphrase a part of what I wrote then. Then, we’ll get to what happened today. The background: In the [Read More...]

Jen McCreight to Speak in Chicago

The Women Thinking Free Foundation is a new non-profit based in Chicago: Our goal as an organization is to bring science, skepticism and critical thinking to the women of the Midwest. We’re planning some great events, campaigns and outreach programs to help provide women with the tools to fight pseudoscience. We’re taking the skeptical community [Read More...]