Nigerian Atheist Beaten Up By Witchcraft Believers at Conference

Leo Igwe is a Humanist and Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Humanist Movement. He recently returned from a conference run by the British Humanist Association, having also given an interview about superstition in his country to the BBC. He was ready to attend a conference he helped organize on “Child Rights and Witchcraft.” The conference [Read More...]

An Atheist Responds to a Christian’s Questions

It’s rare I read an interview where every question is interesting and the responses are even better. Internetmonk interviewed atheist Valerie Tarico and the exchange is great reading for both religious and non-religious people. Specifically, the interview is aimed at evangelical Christians. Internetmonk lays out why that is: 1. Evangelicals are constantly mischaracterizing non-theists. We [Read More...]

Rev. Stoltzfoos Delivers Christian Invocation in Pennsylvania Senate

Last week, Rev. Gerry Stoltzfoos was invited to deliver an invocation address to the Pennsylvania state House. When he found out he could not say “In Jesus’ name, Amen” at the end, he decided not to accept the invitation. He said he “had carefully crafted the prayer not to be offensive in any way.” Of [Read More...]

Bye Bye, Dinosaur Adventure Land

Kent Hovind‘s Dinosaur Adventure Land, a creationism theme park, is about to be seized by the government so that it can be sold off to pay the money Hovind owes for committing tax fraud. U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers’ 16-page order released late Thursday gives the government the green light to divide up the nine [Read More...]

They Rejected an Atheist Ad for Being “Offensive”… But They Allow This?

Lamar Advertising recently rejected this FFRF billboard in Alabama: Here’s what the general manager of the company said at the time: “It was offensive to me,” said Tom Traylor, general manager of Lamar Advertising in Birmingham. “We have the autonomy to decide what’s in the best interests of our company and what’s offensive. I don’t [Read More...]