The Shirley Sherrod Incident Underscores Our Lack of Critical Thinking

Here’s Blair Scott, of American Atheists, referring to the Shirley Sherrod incident: Critical thinking skills and the ability to use rational thought are vital to the survival of the species. We saw that break down this week as every politician (right, left, and center) and every news outlet (right, left, and center) took the word [Read More...]

Should Burkas, Niqabs, and Hijabs Be Banned?

Here’s your brief lesson in Islamic fashion (via The Islamic Standard and the BBC): And here’s the big question right now: Should Muslim women be allowed to wear burkas, niqabs, and hijabs? It’s possible your answer is Yes — Muslim women have the right to choose what they wear. No one should take that right [Read More...]

One More Thing About Women in the Catholic Church…

After hearing about the Catholic Church’s recent misogynistic declaration that female ordination is in the “same category of crime under church law as clerical sex abuse of minors,” the Denver Post‘s Mike Keefe drew this: I don’t know whether to laugh or weep. Anyone who still remains in the Catholic Church should have to explain [Read More...]

Southside (of Chicago) Atheists Meetup in August

There’s a meetup next month on the south side of Chicago for anyone who might be in the area: Where: Jenny’s SteakHouse (20 Kansas Street Frankfort, IL 60423) When: Friday, August 13th, 6:00-11:00 p.m. You can just show up, but it’d be great if people could sign up on Facebook or Atheist Nexus. (Thanks to [Read More...]

For Those of You Attending Comic-Con…

Fred Phelps’ Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing outside Comic-Con in San Diego Thursday afternoon from 1:15 -2:00 p.m. You may be asking: Why? Are you kidding?! If these people would spend even some of the energy that they spend on these comic books, reading the Bible, well no high hopes here. They have turned [Read More...]